C:OITEW Feedback Survey

OITEW Feedback Survey


You have come a long way since we began this journey! However, your interest in OITEW is proof that you have already come a long way along your soul’s evolutionary path. 

OITEW is a considerable experience and lives up to its namesake. As we started the first week, you quickly realized that we were not pussy footing around, and the goal was to go deep and wide. At times, everyone starts to kick and scream, resist or complain, but a beautiful healing surrender soon unfolds within. The truth does set us free. 

Maybe you can recall when you crossed that threshold, and your actual reality suddenly became more crystallized in your awareness. 

I invite you to acknowledge that you have arrived at the end of Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom! You now possess a set of non-dualistic self-connection tools to begin a new journey where it is up to you to continue to dig deeper into understanding who you are as a spiritual being! 

If you feel the calling to continue the Open Inward journey, Open Inward Self Illumination is the next step. 

I’d appreciate it if you took a moment to let me know about your experience of OITEW what you felt and thought. Your feedback will help me continue to improve the experience of OITEW by identifying what I did right and where I need to bring more awareness around.

I read and take every one of your survey answers in-depth to heart!