Advanced OIIEM Remote Absent Spirit Crossing Over Preparations

OIIEM Remote Absent Spirit Crossing Over Preparations:


The only time you would need to use the OIIEM Remote Absent Spirit Crossing Over Ritual is when you are unable to physically be present at the location of the restless spirit(s). 

OIIEM Remote Absent Spirit Crossing Over Ritual is appropriate for known or unknown spirits at a remote location.

Before you begin:

  1. Ask your Client to not share details of their experience until after the ritual. 
  2. If possible, get permission from the owner of the location (if not the client) before proceeding.
  3. Share any information from the experience with the owner or person(s) connected to the ‘haunting’.  
  4. Ask for the exact postal address but not the internal location of the paranormal activity. 
  5. If possible have the owner or person connected to the ‘haunting’ present during the ritual to verify information but to also be an energetic anchor.

Procedure at a glance:

  1. Add the address of the location to your mind map below your Client’s name.
  2. Follow the steps for the OIIEM Spirit Crossing Over Ritual 
  3. At each Listening Station/Cardinal Gate -IMAGINE AND VISUALIZE (remote viewing piece)
  4. Hold the intention to connect with the address of the location of the ‘haunting’.
  5. Invite your client, if present, to do the same, visualizing the location in their 3rd eye.
    1. Visualize that location in their mind’s eye 
    2. If the name of the spirit is known or suspected, don’t call upon them as you would for a latent person in caporal form.  
  6. Proceed as you would typically to connect with a Recipient at each listening station but this time with the soul or souls potentially present.
  7. If you are still not making a connection, determine intuitively where the blocking is coming from
    1. A: The Spirit, 
    2. B: The Client or 
    3. C: The Medium
      1. Follow through with the appropriate solution (Shared in the previous lesson)
  8. Document your findings or share them live and directly with your client