6 The S.O.S. Advanced Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Dyad Exercise

The Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.) Advanced Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Dyad Exercise

Preparation is Everything

Synopsis of The Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.) Advanced Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice: 

The Recipient role becomes known as the Surrogate:

  • Your Dyad partner will not be your Sacred Witness offering you a session/reading experience.
    • Instead, your Dyad partner will self-guide herself into her Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.). 
    • She will hold an unconditional intention while projecting a quantum version of herself onto you.
      • In the space-time matrix, you become a quantum slice of your Dyad partner.
        • You will be considered Not Here and Not Now in the space-time matrix.
          • You must remain focused on your breath while following the guidance as your Dyad partner moves through the listening stations.
    • Let go of any expectations.

The Sacred Witness role becomes known as the Sacred Observing Self: 

  • Your Dyad partner will not be your Recipient/client.
    • Instead, your Dyad partner will unconditionally occupy a neutral place marker in the quantum field as your surrogate.
  • Step into your Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.)
  • Follow the usual Open Inward Meditation Practice procedure – Client Connection with your Dyad partner.
    • Let go of any expectations.
      • Intend to unconditionally project a hologram-like self-reflection onto your surrogate.
        • You will be connecting to a sacred mirrored reflection of yourself, a quantum slice of you, that you have projected onto your Recipient/Surrogate.
  • Pause and take a moment to gaze into the face of your Recipient/Surrogate.
    • Follow your breath, and let your beta brain go to sleep.
      • Let your eyes fall out of focus and allow a mirage of yourself to form as you imagine sitting in front of a sacred mirror.
        • Proceed through the listening stations, ‘reading’ this sacred mirror of yourself with your Sacred Observer Self at the helm.


  1. I will drop you and your Dyad partner into a Zoom Breakout room! 
  2. You will have 15 minutes each. 
  3. I will let you know when it is time to switch roles – Go!

Link: Before you begin, remember to perform the Gassho 

  1. We are already within the sacred space of the Virtual Temple, so there is no need to activate another one
  2. Decided which one of you is going to be the #1 Sacred Witness
  3. Recite the Kannon Invocation

Kannon Invocation

Great Cosmic Mother

Who swiftly comes when called upon

Who hears the cries of the world

Who holds the gates of heaven open for all to enter

Who tirelessly offers mercy, patience, hope, love and compassion

Who fiercely protects

Bestow upon me your great wisdom

Through your heart, guide me to have trust and faith to understand humanity

and to brighten my light so that I may make a difference

So Be It

It is Done

Use the New Short Client Connection Script

In your Open Inward journey, you should ‘know’ the listening stations at a body-mind level. However, suppose you are rusty or struggling with the heavy lifting required to hold the inquiry intention for each Listening Station at a body-mind level of awareness. In that case, I recommend you revisit the Learner’s Script from OITEW. Remember that the first listening station has been updated (focused on becoming centred in the quantum field and not grounding into the middle of the earth) and will not be reflected in the OITEW version. 

If you are not regularly using the Open Inward Connection Meditation Practice, you will drift from that body-mind skill. However, it is much like learning to ride a bicycle. The Learner’s Script is like training wheels helping you find that balance until you have imprinted the connection information required at a body-mind level.

The S.O.S. Advanced Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Dyad Exercise

First, summon from your heart your Sacred Observing Self.

New Short Client Quantum Connection Script:

“First, we are going to become deeply centred.

Then we will do a set of hand positions, starting with resting your hands over your navel area, then on the sides of your head, resting your palms above your ears and then resting on your upper chest, ending with resting your hands on the top of your thighs.

With your hands on your thighs at the last hand position, I will ask you to repeat your common name four times, clear and robust.

Let’s begin. I invite you to close your eyes, become quiet and focus on yourself.”


New First Listening Station – to center our awareness in the Quantum Field

First Listening Station:

  • Relax from the top of your head to the ends of your fingers and toes.
  • Use your mind and relax every part of your being
  • Relax your face
  • Relax down through your neck and drop your shoulders
  • Bring your chin toward your chest, making your brain subservient to your heart.
  • Lengthen the back of your neck
  • Allow yourself to keep relaxing
  • Relax your whole body
  • Notice any tension anywhere and imagine easing the stress
  • Relax your breathing
  • Feel your elbows being pulled down to the ground
  • Relax your belly, your spine
  • Bring your awareness to your pelvis
  • Relax your hips deeply
  • Relax down your legs, around your knees, deep into your calves, relaxing your ankles, 
  • Wiggle your feet
  • Bring your awareness to the middle of the balls of your feet
  • There is an acupressure point there called Bubbling Spring
  • Just by thinking about it, you activate it
  • You might have a sensation
  • Imagine your energy spilling out and mingling in the Quantum field through ‘Bubbling Spring.’ 
  • (Pause.) 

Quantum Quadrants

  • Now imagine the infinite space of the quantum field behind you
  • Now imagine the infinite space of the quantum field in front of you
  • Now imagine the infinite space of the quantum field above you
  • Now imagine the infinite space of the quantum field below you
  • Now acknowledge silently, “I am Now Here, in the centre of the Quantum Field.”

Document your findings

Second Listening Station:

  • Now, I’d like you to place your hands over your navel area (Pause.) 

Document your findings

Third Listening Station:

  • Now, rest your hands on the sides of your head, with the heels of your hands sitting just above the top of your ears. (Pause.) 

Document your findings

Fourth Listening Station:

  • Now, you can relax your hands and place them on the upper center part of your chest. (Pause.) 

Document your findings

Fifth Listening Station:

  • Now, you can rest your hands on the tops of your thighs, palms down. (Pause.)
  • To call all the parts of you to be present, I’d like you to say your common name out loud four times from this nice connected place. 
  • Steady and strong
  • When you are ready, four times. (Pause.) 

Document your findings


Invite your Recipient to return to an alert state and share your findings:

  • I invite you to return to an alert condition (Pause.) 
  • Ask your Recipient: “How are you feeling?”
  • Thank them for being a surrogate.
  • Record any final notes on your experience in your Grimoire. 
  • Share your most significant takeaway when we join as a group again in the main zoom room. 

Pro Tips: 

  1. Embrace the noble role of Sacred Observing Self
  2. Remain neutral, unconditional, and without expectations
  3. Focus on observing the big picture
  4. Hold steady and clear of the ego’s distracting seductions of self-judgment and negativity.

Dyad Session Closure Intention:

  • You intentionally break your connection to the sea of consciousness outside your consciousness. 
  • You may have merged with energies during the session, so it is essential to break that connection. 
  • With intention, restore your energy.

Recite quietly or silently to yourselves:

“All consciousness, not my own, including spiritual energies, beings and souls that may have merged and connected to me during this session – you must leave my energy field now.”

“Conscious Higher Self and my Spirit Team, please clear my energy field now.”

Take a quick energy shower:

In your mind, wash your energy field, every particle of the light of your being, with white, pink and green light throughout your entire being. 

You intend to wash off all energy that does not belong to you.

Visualize while you silently recite:

“I restore my energy field with white, pink and green flowing light from the top down to the bottom of my energy field.

“Conscious Higher Self and my Spirit Team, please restore my energy field now.”

  • Mindfully evaluate feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the work you have just done. 
  • Acknowledge your Trust & Faith in the assistance you have received by silently saying a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to the unseen world of your Conscious Higher Self, your Spirit Team, Kannon, and Galactic Masters.
  • Consciously affirm that you have received what you asked for and more.
  • Now take a transition breath.

Silently Close: 

“My deepest gratitude to the unseen world of my Conscious Higher Self, my Spirit Team, Kannon, and the Galactic Masters. Thank you.”

Please Remember: 

  1. When you have completed your Dyad exercise, end your session formally.
    1. Mindfully, face the East, go into your heart and silently express gratitude to Kannon and the energy of the Virtual Temple.