5 The Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.) Advanced Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice

The Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.) Advanced Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice

As promised, OISI is dedicated to working on the self. 

Let me introduce you to a new foundational piece of your Open Inward self-connection journey. 

  • There are no techniques to achieve spirituality.
    • It is impossible to achieve what already exists.
      • Spirituality is an internal connection (beyond all the crap inside), not a levelling up.
        • There are techniques to transform inner barriers and obstacles.
          • The more crap we transform, the greater our connection to our spiritual being, spiritual life, and spirituality.
            • One powerful method of clearing unbalanced energy is through the Advanced Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice, utilizing the higher awareness of the Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.)

New Open Inward Application: 

A Taoist Shamanic Concept of Surrogacy

What is Surrogacy? 

  • An unconditional agreement to take the place of another for a set time and space.
    • An unconditional agreement between the Sacred Witness and the Recipient.

What is a Surrogate? 

  • A substitute for another in a specific role.
    • The Recipient becomes the surrogate or sacred mirror of the Sacred Witness as they explore their Sacred Observing Self through the Advanced Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice.
      • The Sacred Witness invites the Recipient to be the host of their Sacred Observing Self unconditionally.
        • The Sacred Witness intentionally and unconditionally projects their Sacred Observing Self onto the Recipient as they move through the Advanced Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice steps.

The Sacred Witness’s intention changes from ‘reading’ the Recipient to ‘reading’ their own Sacred Observing Self as projected/mirrored/reflected on the Recipient.

The Sacred Witness should have a pen and paper or a mind map program open to document and ground any experiences and findings while in the role of the Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.). 

The Recipient Role intention changes from being ‘read by the Sacred Witness’ to being an unconditional mirror, a surrogate for the Sacred Witness to experience whatever their Sacred Observing Self shares with them.  

The Recipient/Surrogate needs only focus on being an unconditional surrogate, a sacred mirror for the Sacred Witness, open, relaxed and neutral, and following the instructions from the Sacred Witness.

The challenging part of this advanced connection work is navigating the lower levels of your objective self. For example, self-judgement, 

Pro Tips:

  • To get maximum results, remain present, hyper-focused and self-aware of your experiences.
  • If either of you should become distracted during the practice by your ‘monkey-mind’ thoughts, quickly acknowledge them, breath, relax and reset your intention to return to your deliberate sensing awareness
  • As the Sacred Witness, remain open to experiencing a subtle shift in your energy or breathing or a ‘knowing’ when it is time to transition from one listening station to the next

With the Advanced Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice, the Sacred Witness (Sacred Observing Self) offers their Surrogate (of themselves) reading themselves through the Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Session. 

Instead of seeing your Recipient Dyad partner as an individual, see your Dyad partner transformed into a quantum sacred mirror of YOU! 

Your Dyad partner at that moment becomes a virtual surrogate of you employing your surrogacy intentional agreement. 

This surrogacy concept has its roots in shamanic and esoteric Taoist practices. 

This Open Inward dyad exercise outwardly looks no different than what you did in OITEW and O.I.T. on each other. However, the inward landscape is entirely shamanic. 

Your Sacred Observing Self  (S.O.S.) will connect to the most appropriate quantum version of yourself through your quantum mirrored connection to your Dyad/Surrogate partner. 

It would be easy to put your head down and do a self-connection practice; if you do that, you will miss out on dancing in the Quantum Field to experience the subtle yet powerful differences. 

The Sacred Observing Self Advanced Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice should feel familiar but different, as if you are connecting to a foreign body. 

Be as attentive as your would a total stranger sitting before you. 

From this advanced level of self-connection work, you must be squeaky clean and intentionally grounded in your Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.). 

Be mindful of the temptation for spiritual bypassing.

Synopsis of The Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.) Advanced Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice: 

The Recipient role becomes known as the Surrogate:

  • Your Dyad partner will not be your Sacred Witness offering you a session/reading experience.
    • Instead, your Dyad partner will self-guide herself into her Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.). 
    • She will hold an unconditional intention while projecting a quantum version of herself onto you.
      • In the space-time matrix, you become a quantum slice of your Dyad partner.
        • You will be considered Not Here and Not Now in the space-time matrix.
          • You must remain focused on your breath while following the guidance as your Dyad partner moves through the listening stations.
    • Let go of any expectations.

The Sacred Witness role becomes known as the Sacred Observing Self: 

  • Your Dyad partner will not be your Recipient/client.
    • Instead, your Dyad partner will unconditionally occupy a neutral place marker in the quantum field as your surrogate.
  • Step into your Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.)
  • Follow the usual Open Inward Meditation Practice procedure – Client Connection with your Dyad partner.
  • Let go of any expectations.
  • Intend to unconditionally project a hologram-like self-reflection onto your surrogate. 
  • You will be connecting to a sacred mirrored reflection of yourself, a quantum slice of you, that you have projected onto your Recipient/Surrogate.
  • Pause and take a moment to gaze into the face of your Recipient/Surrogate.
    • Follow your breath, and let your beta brain go to sleep. 
    • Let your eyes fall out of focus and allow a mirage of yourself to form as you imagine sitting in front of a sacred mirror.
  • Proceed through the listening stations, ‘reading’ this sacred mirror of yourself with your Sacred Observer Self at the helm.