4 Quantum Field Connection

Taoist Shamanic view of the Quantum Field

When human beings first stood upon the land and looked about the horizon, they saw in the distance around them the edge of a mystic circle where Heaven above touched Earth below. 

Moving about within that circle, they noticed certain constants: 

• Wherever each moved, their place was always at the center, between Heaven and Earth. 

• The sun always rose from one point in that circle and set in another, and then Heaven darkened until lit by stars or an inconstant moon. 

• Whereas the sun moved across Heaven by day, by night, Heaven moved around one star, which remained fixed and constant. 

• For each one, their experience was the same, and so the same for all, wherever humans moved on Earth. 

Thus, ancient humans discovered that each of us is the center of our universe, while Heaven has its center. 

They observed the power of Heaven, seeing that the fire of Heaven warms and illuminates Earth, that water falls from Heaven to Earth, that lightning splits Heaven and strikes Earth while Heaven rumbles, and that the wind rushes between Heaven and Earth. Heaven commands Earth. 

Thus whoever has Heaven’s mandate rules Earth. 

Excerpt from Taoist Shaman

From a Taoist shamanic perspective 

We are all a living microcosm of the elemental energies (Five Elements), revealing the Quantum Field and its interacting forces. 

Inspired by the Quantum Field or the Cosmos, we constantly change, seeking balance and harmony while expanding and evolving. 

The greater our alignment to ourselves and the Source of all that is, the more efficient we change and evolve.  

A highly developed being efficiently and with humility accepts responsibility for what they experienced and immediately begins a transformation process with the goal of not wasting resources resisting reality. 

The shaman views each living being as a microcosm of these elemental energies ( (Five Elements), revealing the Quantum Field and its interacting forces), reflecting the universe and its interacting forces. The interplay between them rules health and well-being. 

Emotions such as anger, misery, fear, impatience, and worry occur through interaction between elements. 

Positive feelings of kindness, love, calm, courage, and gentleness nourish one another and regulate the negative emotions. 

Acting contrary to our nature can lead to imbalances in the elemental relationships within us, and such distortions can result in a “condition” of dis-ease within a person. 

When such imbalances occur, the shaman can recognize which element might be bullying another or which of the five elements might be too weak to stand up for itself. The shaman seeks to harmonize yin and yang within elements, organs, meridians, and points.

What is Quantum Physics?


Other central concepts helped to establish the foundations of quantum physics:

  • Wave-particle duality: This principle dates back to the earliest days of quantum science. It describes the outcomes of experiments that showed that light and matter had the properties of particles or waves, depending on how they were measured. Today, we understand that these different forms of energy are neither particles nor waves. They are distinct quantum objects that we cannot easily conceptualize.
  • Superposition: This term describes an object as a combination of multiple possible states simultaneously. A superposed object is analogous to a ripple on the surface of a pond that is a combination of two waves overlapping. In a mathematical sense, an object in superposition can be represented by an equation with more than one solution or outcome.
  • Uncertainty principle: This mathematical concept represents a trade-off between complementary points of view. In physics, this means that two properties of an object, such as its position and velocity, cannot be precisely known simultaneously. If we precisely measure the position of an electron, for example, we will be limited in how precisely we can know its speed.
  • Entanglement: This phenomenon occurs when two or more objects are connected so that they can be thought of as a single system, even if they are very far apart. The state of one object in that system can’t be fully described without information on the other object’s state. Likewise, learning about one object automatically tells you something about the other and vice versa.

We are going to Quantum! 

New First Listening Station Script 

First Listening Station:

  • Relax from the top of your head to the ends of your fingers and toes.
  • Use your mind and relax every part of your being
  • Relax your face
  • Relax down through your neck and drop your shoulders
  • Bring your chin toward your chest, making your brain subservient to your heart.
  • Lengthen the back of your neck
  • Allow yourself to keep relaxing
  • Relax your whole body
  • Notice any tension anywhere and imagine easing the stress
  • Relax your breathing
  • Relax your belly, your spine
  • Bring your awareness to your pelvis
  • Relax your hips deeply
  • Relax down your legs, around your knees, deep into your calves, relaxing your ankles 
  • Wiggle your feet
  • Bring your awareness to the middle of the balls of your feet
  • There is an acupressure point there called Bubbling Spring
  • Just by thinking about it, you activate it
  • You might have a sensation
  • Imagine your energy spilling out and mingling in the Quantum field through ‘Bubbling Spring.’ 
  • (Pause.) 
  • Now imagine the infinite space of the quantum field behind you
  • Now imagine the infinite space of the quantum field in front of you
  • Now imagine the infinite space of the quantum field above you
  • Now imagine the infinite space of the quantum field below you
  • Now acknowledge silently, “I am Now Here, in the centre of the Quantum Field.”

Document your findings