1 Summer Break Review

Summer Break Review: 

Revisit: Zen Breath Work

  • Focus your awareness solely on your breath as it passes through your nostrils.
    • On the in-breath, the breath is at a cool temperature. 
    • On the out-breath, the breath is at a warm temperature. 
  • Even after a few breath cycles, your egoic awareness has shifted from your distraction, trigger, primary lie or pattern to the centring and calming connection to your breath.
  • Once you have a pattern established in your breathing in and out, observe your thoughts and feeling versus believing you are your thoughts and feelings.
    • This awareness of your thoughts and feelings is the objective self.

Practice Zen Breath Work

What did you experience?

Revisit Gassho 

  • Gassho was first introduced in OITEW. In OISI, Gassho now carries much greater significance. 
  • One would perform a Gassho in martial arts before stepping onto the mat. 
  • Gassho performed as an offering to the system’s originator (Judo, i.e.) and one’s opponent as a form of respect. 
  • Gassho is a meeting of the higher selves.


The Conscious Higher Self in me greets the Higher Self in you.

When to use Gassho

Gassho should be performed at the beginning of your Open Inward sessions as an ‘opening’ and at the end as a ‘closing’ to enhance your connection. 

Watch this 03:06 video to revisit the basics of Gassho.

Gassho Steps: Seated or standing. 

  1. Get comfortable sitting upright (back unsupported), lengthen your neck and spine, and lift the base of the skull slightly
  2. Do several cycles of Zen Breathing until ready to begin
  3. Connect to the intention of the Conscious Higher Self in your greeting the Conscious Higher Self in your OISI Dyad partner
  4. If making a Self Connection, connect to the purpose of your conscious mind greeting your Conscious Higher Self
  5. From this point onwards, always perform a gassho connection bow (beginning and ending)