The Resurrection of the Crone

The Resurrection of the Crone Project is rooted in the intention of inspiring women around the world to reclaim what is inherently already within them, their greatest asset, their wisdom.

Currently still in production, the Resurrection of the Crone Project is a raw photographic portrait series based on the intimate journeys of older women as they connect to and celebrate their inner Crone.

The intention of this project is to look past the modern trappings of today’s ideals of unnaturally perfect and youthful beauty and to reinstate the culture of female elders being perceived as not only beautiful as they age naturally, but having deep substance, gifts of experience, self-acceptance, clear wisdom and therefore being a great and valuable asset in today’s society.

Older Women, Rise Up! The Goddess is calling you home. You, the Crone are here to reclaim your significance in this world. You understands this now and are preparing to rise to the challenges facing the world today, in your own way, with your unique spiritual gifts, where and with whom you have the greatest uplifting and balancing influence.

That is the way of the wise woman. Only you can identify where exactly you are needed to make a difference. It could be showing up as the Crone in your own family, your community or with your colleagues. Or it could be on a world stage or in a remote location. Wherever it is, you will Intuitive Integratively either already be there or you long to be there, planted in your seat of strength and clarity.

One thing is for certain, Older Women are ready to liberate themselves from the chains of insignificance, inauthenticity, and unachievable, unrealistic ideals tainted by the barrage of the world’s media and it’s insidious message of value coming from artificial beauty and eternal youth.

It’s time to break down the ethos around age, ageing and beauty and create a new vision that is nature based, not material based.

An Invitation: Do you know an older woman who is ready to do sacred women’s ceremony and awaken into her Crone or perhaps an older woman who is already fully embracing her Wise Woman? Are you that woman? If this portrait project is speaking to your wise old heart, you might be a candidate for being part of this project.

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The world is waiting for the Wise Women around the world to show up. It’s time.

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