The Liminal Escapes April Retreat is for you if you feel RESTLESS and DESIRE to feel EMPOWERED around your INTUITIVE Self-Connection and CLEAR about who you want to be and where you want to go in YOUR LIFE! 

JOIN US and immerse yourself for three days in an awareness-expanding voyage home to your innermost wisdom! Ditch old narrativesReinvent your WHY! Experience ancient rituals of letting go and letting come. Relax by Sharbot Lake after a long cold winter. Eat tasty, healthy food. Connect with like-minded spirits. WE GOT YOU! 



You will have experienced the benefits of HIGH-TOUCH INTUITIVE mentoring, insightful RITUALS of Self Connection and repatriation to your true NORTH.

You will have learned the following:

* The Art of a SELF-INQUIRY through the language of LIGHT

* How to DEEPEN the connection to your INTUITIVE WISDOM

* Experience a higher state of consciousness

* How to get UNSTUCK and easily SELF-CORRECT 

* How to RECONNECT to your TRUTH past old stories

* How to REDEFINE the path of your DESTINY instead of being influenced by external distractions


Leave equipped with tools to create a meaningful life of JOY and rebounding RECIPROCITY!

We are excited to witness you UNFURLING as a work of art in motion!


Lehlewa Lakeside Retreat on Sharbot Lake, Ontario

A new private retreat centre with 3 acres of nature and space to recharge and re-boot your HUTZPA (extreme self-confidence)!  


* You will be supported by your experienced facilitators, Libby and myself, Laurie Anne 

* Your bodies will be nurtured by our private chef Owen Steinberg

* Clarify your commitment to you 

* Arrive at a renewed self-connection, naturally motivated

* Reset your compass, knowing your truth and how you want to feel going forward

Space is limited to an intimate group, and we are already at half capacity! 

Say Yes to you! 


Arrive April 27, 2023, between 1-2 PM

Depart April 30, 2023, by 1 PM


$2,200 + Accommodation

All the rooms are beyond lovely, some more suited for those looking to budget and happy to share spaces. Rooms will be on a first-serve basis. Please reach out to me to register and get room pricing. 

Who is Libby Wildman?

I am head of Wealth Advisory at Davis Rea Investment Counsel Firm. I am the Founder of Liminal Escapes and Founder of The Collective, a women’s entrepreneur community I created. 

I offer you the opportunity to share your financial stories and money dramas so that money no longer has a hold over you. You will come away with a healthy and wealthy mindset. 

My background is in wealth management, insurance and business planning. I believe that true abundance is the wealth you do not see. 

My practice is helping clients with their psychology around what money means, resulting in the freedom to connect their money with their personal goals.

Who is Laurie Anne King?

I am a psychic medium, a portrait photographer and a student of consciousness, ancient wisdom and shamanic practices. 

I offer Intuitive Integrative Coaching, training and Intuitive Portrait Photography. My background is in Osteopathic, Cognitive and Psychedelic Therapies, Psycho, Neuro-Accoustics, Meditation, and Quantum Creation Paradigms. 

We can break through to the next level by optimizing our self-connection. 

We can transform inherent patterns and liberate our spiritual gifts. We secretly yearn to be seen as the reflection of our true essence and beauty.


Living your best life does not happen without intentional focus. Defining and implementing your unique gifts happen when your commitment is there, and experienced facilitators are on hand to lead you.

For the love of all that is holy, let’s make sure everyone shifts their consciousness from 3D to 5D!

With much warmth and affection, 


Laurie Anne

P.S. If you know anyone interested, please pay it forward and share this email! Thank you!

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