Intuitive Integrative Coaching V.I.P. Package

What is a journey that leads you to your heart? An odyssey of empowerment, transformation and joy!

Are you ready to end ‘the struggle’ and live a more balanced and beautiful life?

Has this been your experience?

During your Intuitive Integrative Coaching Voyage

Hi! I'm Laurie Anne.

I have Intuitive Integratively coached people worldwide to get unstuck for 35+ years. I have also been a public spiritual teacher and workshop facilitator. For decades, I have practiced body/mind-centred therapies, including natural healing, Osteopathic, Somato-Emotional Release, Neuro-Bio-acoustics, etc.

I continuously cultivate my psychic faculty, integrating ancient esoteric, metaphysical and wellness teachings with modern scientific ideas into my life’s work. Like you, I am passionate about participating in the awakening that is unfolding right now on a global scale. We all need to make a difference in this world.

Tell me, is your intuition firing right now? Could it be that you are excited at the thought of coming home to you? I can help you. I will hold your hand while you cross the threshold of the old you and emerge a stunning butterfly!

I am very much looking forward to witnessing your inward opening!

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We spend half our health chasing wealth and then we spend half our wealth chasing health. How do we achieve balance between our mind and our body? How do we tap into the metaphysical world, how do we connect with abundance and joy? Working with Laurie Anne has blessed me with concrete tools, techniques and modalities that I can deploy to energize my body, still my mind and awaken my spirit. She is a true healer and a patient teacher. Laurie Anne unlocked answers to queries I’ve had for years. Through her methodical purposeful program, I learned to restore and nourish my body, mind, heart and soul. Laurie Anne weaves ancient modalities with modern science to help her students realize their own power. Whether you are craving alignment with creative vitality, a balance between daily striving and spiritual nourishment or clearing stagnant energies, Laurie Anne will guide you to the innate wisdom of your body and soul.
All the best,

Laurie Anne has guided me to unearth gifts that I knew I had but couldn’t navigate in a way that made sense. She provides the safe space to explore the unseen through her talented gifts and generosity of spirit. Transformation can feel hard and scary and Laurie Anne has a way of meeting it directly by offering clarity through the discomfort. A remarkable experience awaits anyone considering a journey with her!

Working with Laurie Anne always feels like coming back home to me. The sessions are pure magic. Laurie Anne has an incredible gift for sensing - and getting to the root of the issues that are really front and center, even on days I find myself unable to fully verbalize my thoughts and intentions. I almost feel as if our minds become one during the session. The sensation of being part of the unified field right alongside Laurie Ann is unbelievably reassuring and even transcendental at times. Her ability to connect so deeply with my innermost thoughts and desires has allowed me to transform and trust the process (and myself) at a much greater level than I would have ever thought possible. Anyone truly serious about progressing in their spiritual journey and transforming thoughts into tangible things would benefit greatly from working with Laurie Anne!

  1. Let’s connect and discover your over-arching goals. 

2. I’ll take your hand as we go on a methodical and purpose-driven journey.

3. Receive empowering, liberating, insightful and productive Intuitive Integrative coaching sessions.

4. Renew your spiritual practice.

5. Unlock your authentic life through Open Inward Repatterning.

6. Attract future memories of who you are destined to become.

Do you quietly chat with your soul, telling her that one day your life will be different, that you will be happier?

I understand how we can get stuck in our thoughts and beliefs; however, I also know how to reorganize who we are into a new, brighter, switched-on 2.0 version!

Imagine feeling clear about who you are, your purpose and your trajectory. I’ve been Intuitive Integratively coaching people for over 35 years to get unstuck and shift into the next gear of their life.

If you are ready to awaken your spirit, move forward, find your strength, confidence and clarity and shift to where you want to be in your life, I invite you to commit yourself today. Let’s connect, and I will share how your dream to come home to you is possible.

Book a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call!