Frequently Asked Questions and Self-Inquiry to clarify whether an Intuitive Portrait with me is an experience you are ready for!

Question 1:

Why are you considering this portrait experience? Is it merely about capturing a beautiful image, or is there a more profound yearning within you?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

While beautiful images are undoubtedly a part of this experience, it goes far beyond that. This intuitive portrait journey offers a unique opportunity for self-reflection, self-connection, and healing. It can be a catalyst for discovering and embracing your true self, leading to profound transformation.

Question 2:

What if you viewed this intuitive portrait experience as a mirror reflecting your external appearance and inner essence? How might that change your perspective?

Proposed Answer/Explanation: Seeing this experience as a mirror to your inner self becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery and healing. It allows you to connect with your higher self, intuition, and deepest emotions. The portraits become a visual representation of your journey, reminding you of your growth.

Question 3:

Are you seeking validation from others through these portraits, or are you ready to validate and celebrate yourself, flaws and all?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

While it’s natural to desire external validation, this experience encourages you to validate and celebrate yourself authentically. It’s about embracing your imperfections as part of your unique story and finding your sense of worth and self-acceptance.

Question 4:

What if this portrait experience was an opportunity to let go of past wounds, insecurities, or self-doubt? How might that impact your life beyond these images?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

This experience can be a powerful catalyst for healing. Letting go of past wounds and insecurities can lead to personal growth and a deeper connection to your true self. The impact extends beyond the portraits, influencing navigating life’s challenges.

Question 5:

Are you ready to explore the uncharted territories of your own identity, embracing the mysteries and hidden facets of your being?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

This portrait experience invites you on an inner journey. It’s an exploration of your identity, a venture into the depths of your being. You can uncover hidden strengths and profound insights by embracing the mysteries within.

Question 6:

What if the transformation you seek is not in changing your external appearance but deepening your connection to yourself and your unique story?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

The most profound transformation often begins from within. This portrait experience is an opportunity to deepen your connection to yourself, your story, and your higher self. It’s about celebrating the essence of who you are, not altering your appearance.

Question 1: 

Are you willing to confront and challenge your beliefs, limitations, and self-perceptions during this portrait experience? Transformation often requires self-reflection and growth.

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

I am ready to embark on this transformative journey with an open heart and mind. I understand that growth often comes from challenging our beliefs and self-perceptions. This is the perfect time for self-reflection and expansion, and I am excited to see how this experience can help me evolve into a truer version of myself.

Question 2: 

Can you embrace vulnerability as a source of strength, allowing your true self to shine in front of the camera? Authenticity is at the heart of this portrait journey.

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

I wholeheartedly embrace vulnerability as a wellspring of strength. I believe that authenticity is the key to deep connections and personal growth. This is the right time in my life to shine a light on my true self, and I am excited to embark on this portrait journey to celebrate my authentic essence.

Question 3: 

Are you open to exploring the deeper layers of your identity and sharing your unique stories, even if they involve moments of adversity or personal growth?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

I am more than open; I am eager to explore the depths of my identity and share the stories that have shaped me. I recognize that moments of adversity and personal growth are valuable chapters in my life’s narrative. This portrait experience aligns perfectly with this moment in my journey, and I am ready to reveal my true self.

Question 4: 

Do you believe in the power of imagery to convey profound messages and emotions? Are you ready to co-create images that reflect your inner world?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of imagery. I understand that images can convey profound messages and emotions. This is the perfect time to co-create images that reflect my inner world, allowing me to connect with myself on a deeper level and share my unique story with the world.

Question 5: 

Are you committed to valuing and celebrating your authenticity, imperfections, and unique journey, regardless of external expectations or judgments?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

I am fully committed to valuing and celebrating my authenticity, imperfections, and unique journey. I understand that external expectations or judgments do not determine my worth. This portrait experience resonates deeply with where I am, and I am excited to celebrate myself, just as I am.

Question 6: 

Can you invest financially and emotionally in this portrait experience, understanding that it is a transformative journey of self-discovery?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

I am ready to invest financially and emotionally in this transformative journey of self-discovery. I recognize the immense value of this experience in helping me connect with my authentic self. This is the right time to invest and prioritize my personal growth.

Question 7: 

Are you seeking a portrait experience beyond aesthetics, aiming to capture the essence of your identity and the stories that make you who you are?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

I am seeking a portrait experience that goes far beyond aesthetics. I want to capture the essence of my identity and the stories that define me. This moment is the perfect moment in my life to embark on this journey of self-expression and self-celebration.

Question 8: 

Are you ready to challenge societal norms and expectations, choosing instead to define beauty and self-worth on your terms?

Proposed Answer/Explanation:

I am absolutely ready to challenge societal norms and expectations. I believe in defining beauty and self-worth on my terms. This portrait experience aligns perfectly with my desire to embrace my uniqueness and celebrate my definition of beauty.

Ready to take the first step towards celebrating your authenticity?

Book your Discovery Call with me today, and let’s start this transformative portrait experience together.

Embarking on a transformative portrait experience is a beautiful journey of self-celebration and self-awareness. It’s essential to ask yourself a few key questions:

Why do I want to go through this transformative portrait experience? 

Reflect on your motivations and what you hope to achieve. Is it about self-discovery and self-witnessing authenticity, love, wisdom, intuition, connection to higher consciousness, celebrating uniqueness, seeking a transformational experience or leaving a legacy? 

Am I open to embracing vulnerability and authenticity in front of the camera? 

Transformation often involves letting go of inhibitions and embracing your true self. Are you ready for this journey of self-expression?

What stories do I want my portraits to tell? 

Consider the narratives, emotions, and messages you want your portraits to convey. How do you envision them resonating with others?

What values and beliefs do I want my portraits to reflect? 

Think about the core values and beliefs that define you. How can these be woven into your portrait experience?

Do I feel a connection with the photographer and their style? 

Finding a photographer who aligns with your vision and values is crucial for a successful experience.

If these questions resonate with you and you’re eager to explore your transformative journey through portrait photography, I invite you to book a Discovery Call with me. During this call, we can discuss your aspirations, share insights, and determine if this experience fits you. Together, we can embark on a meaningful and authentic portrait journey.

Yes, I provide the option of a Pre-Payment Plan!

We can collaborate to establish a payment schedule that aligns with your preferences.

Please note: Full payment is due upon receiving digital files and printed artwork.

Let’s talk!

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Professional post-production of your collection is complete for you 4-6 weeks from your shoot date. I outsource parts of the professional post-editing and use the services of professional print labs, all of which influence my turn-around, but it is worth the wait!

A critical question about privacy and the sacred space of your portraits is a topic of great importance. Let me assure you that I deeply respect your privacy and the intimate nature of our work together.

The images you see in my portfolio and those shared on social media always come with my client’s consent as a mark of honour and trust between us. Your comfort, your boundaries, and your wishes are paramount. I understand the significance of the stories and emotions captured in these portraits, and I am committed to protecting their sanctity.

For me, each portrait is a testament to your authenticity, a reflection of your inner beauty, and a celebration of your unique journey. It is a collaboration between us; your consent is the guiding light that ensures we honour your essence.

Rest assured that your portraits will never find their way onto the internet or public domain without your consent. Your trust in me is sacred, and I am dedicated to safeguarding the vulnerability and strength you’ve shared during our time together.

So, when you embark on this portrait journey with me, know I’ve got you. Your images will remain as a cherished memento of our collaboration, a reminder of your incredible journey, and a testament to the trust we’ve built. Your privacy is my priority, and I am here to protect and honour the beauty that is uniquely yours.

Ah, the digital files, a question many ponder in this age of instant gratification and technology.

Yes, indeed, I do provide digital files, and I do so with great care and purpose. These files are delivered in full resolution, print-ready, without any watermark or logos, accompanied by a print release that grants you the freedom to use them for personal and professional purposes.

But let me share with you why this is not just about convenience but a deeper understanding of preserving your memories and unique essence.

Digital files have their place, no doubt. They allow you to share your portraits with the world, use them in various ways, and enjoy them digitally. However, there’s a wisdom in preserving the tangible, the tactile, the printed.

You see, printed images hold a magic of their own.

They have the power to transcend time and technology. I’ve witnessed photographs that have endured for over a century, still resonating with the stories and emotions they captured.

When you hold a professionally printed, archive-quality photo in your hands, you’re connecting with an image and a piece of your history, a moment frozen in time.

Digital files, on the other hand, are subject to the rapid pace of technological change. Formats evolve, devices become obsolete, and the digital landscape constantly shifts. There’s a risk that cherished memories may get lost in the ever-changing digital realm.

So, while the digital files are at your fingertips, I encourage you also to consider the value of printing your portraits.

Preserve them as physical keepsakes, share them with future generations, and let your stories live on for decades and decades. As you hold that printed image, you’re owning a piece of your legacy, not just having a picture. It’s a beautiful reminder that some things, like the beauty of your soul captured in a portrait, are timeless and deserve to be cherished in a tangible form.

Absolutely with every photograph you purchase.

Of course, I understand the desire to share your beautiful portraits with your friends, family, and the world on social media. It’s a lovely way to celebrate your authenticity and the transformative journey we’ve embarked upon together.


When you purchase any of your portraits, you will receive social media sharing files with every image, allowing you to share them on your preferred platforms easily.

However, there’s an important aspect I’d like to bring to your attention: a practice I follow to protect your image and my artwork: discreetly placing my watermark or logo at the bottom of the image.

You might wonder why this is necessary, and it’s a valid question. The presence of a watermark or logo serves two crucial purposes.

Firstly, it acts as a protective shield for your image. In the digital age, images can be easily copied, altered, or misused without the proper attribution. The discreet watermark or logo helps deter unauthorized usage and ensures that your portrait remains associated with you, the rightful owner.

Secondly, it safeguards my artwork and acknowledges the importance of proper image attribution to the artist. As the creator of these portraits, I need to be recognized for my work, not only for my artistic integrity but also for the legal and ethical aspects of image ownership. It ensures the image is correctly attributed to the artist who crafted it.

So, while a discreet watermark or logo may be a subtle addition to your image, it carries immense significance in protecting your image and acknowledging the artist behind the creation. It’s a practice rooted in respect for your privacy and the integrity of the artwork.

I hope this explanation clarifies the importance of the watermark or logo. Together, we can ensure that your portraits are shared and celebrated while preserving the integrity and rightful ownership of the artistry behind them.

How is the Art of Editing Aligned with Authentic Beauty in Your Portraits?

While the technological marvels of smartphones instantly edit images, my professional camera gear offers an expansive canvas for creativity, unbounded by automated alterations.

Yet the real magic happens through the lens of conscious editing—a practice that’s far from one-size-fits-all beauty norms that often snare us into disquiet.

You’re already a masterpiece; my role is to illuminate that, not to rework it.

My editing philosophy hinges on ethical and responsible nuances: advanced, yet subtly executed skin-perfecting techniques coupled with minimal contouring.

Should you wish, temporary blemishes like bruises, pimples, or scars can be mindfully eliminated or minimised and softened.

As for the wrinkles you’ve earned through the wisdom of years, or the cellulite and stretch marks that are part and parcel of the human experience—we celebrate these. They’re not flaws but textural details of a life lived.

Rest assured, you’ll appear natural, yet rejuvenated; the lighting artfully employed during your shoot sculpts your features with a sophisticated blend of highlights and lowlights, devoid of that overly raw or the opposite end of the spectrum – synthetic “fantastic plastic” look.

If there’s any specific concern you’d like to address, we can discuss it during your Pre-Production Consultation.

In the end, this is more than mere photography; it’s a journey towards capturing the essence of the marvelous, authentically fabulous YOU.

Post-Processing/Post Edit is a tool for refining the visual narrative. It allows me to enhance certain elements and evoke specific emotions. However, I prioritize maintaining the authenticity of the moment captured during the shoot.

When the day of your transformative Intuitive shoot arrives, know that the space we enter is a sanctuary, an intimate theater where only you and I, as the storyteller and guide, take the stage.

With doors securely locked, there will be no unexpected interruptions, no uninvited guests. This ensures an environment where you feel unreservedly safe to shed the layers, both tangible and intangible, that you may be hiding behind.

Here, you’re encouraged to explore, reveal, and liberate the myriad expressions of your deeper self, your authentic essence.

This is more than just a photoshoot; it’s a sacred rite of passage back to you.

Elevating Your Inner and Outer Radiance

Should you wish to style your own hair and makeup, I’m here to guide you in refining it to be camera-ready.

Alternatively, for those seeking the full essence of transformation, I can arrange for a professional hair and makeup artist to join us. This extra touch necessitates an additional investment ($150-$250), but consider it a nurturing embellishment to your entire transformative experience.

Uncertain About Your Wardrobe Choices? Rest Easy.

Perhaps you’re pondering whether to indulge in a shopping spree for this special occasion, but know that it’s not necessary—unless, of course, you’re seeking a valid reason to treat yourself!

Instead, we’ll thoughtfully review your cherished attire, making conscious and artful decisions that not only flatter your unique form but also align with the spiritual and emotional themes we’ve intentionally set for your bespoke shoot.

Furthermore, my studio is adorned with a carefully curated collection of accessories and garments designed to enhance your chosen outfits.

This high-touch, personalized service aims to envelop you in an atmosphere of comfort and confidence, ensuring that your experience is as profound as the portraits themselves.


Friendship and Soul Journeys: Crafting Sacred Space

We deeply honour the bonds of friendship and family. Whether it’s your best friend, your daughter, your partner, or your sibling—celebrating unique connections brings magic into our work.

However, if your companion’s role is solely as an emotional anchor, we ask that they not be present during the session. It’s not about exclusion; it’s about creating an alchemical space where my intuitive abilities and focus can weave together to enhance your comfort and spark transformative insights.

The Shared Odyssey: Multiplying the Magic

If your friend wishes to participate actively in this sacred journey, then by all means, the more souls, the merrier! An additional session fee will be applied, which covers extra time, intuitive guidance, and professional editing. This allows both of you to deepen your experience and manifest more than just photographs—soulful artifacts that commemorate your shared spiritual evolution.

The beauty of capturing portraits in a location that holds a special place in your heart – what a fantastic idea! The world is filled with majestic, humble, and sacred sites, and your choice of location reflects your unique story and essence.

Whether it’s your cherished home, a tranquil retreat, the serene woods, the tranquil beachside, the enchanting streets of Rome, the romantic allure of Paris, or the vibrant energy of New York, each place carries its magic and significance. I’m here to accompany you on this journey to your chosen destination.

When you decide to bring me along, it’s not just about capturing images; it’s about co-creating an experience that resonates with your soul. It’s about infusing the backdrop of your choice with the essence of your story, the emotions that define you, and the beauty surrounding you.

As for the practicalities, travel and accommodation expenses will naturally vary depending on the location and the specific requirements of our portrait session. But don’t worry; my team and I will handle all the logistics, ensuring that the experience is seamless and stress-free for you.

Imagine the possibilities – capturing your authenticity in the heart of your favourite city, amidst the tranquillity of nature, or within the comfort of your sanctuary. The world becomes your canvas, and I’m here to help you paint a portrait reflecting your unique journey’s essence.

So, where shall we go? Let your heart guide us, and together, we’ll embark on a transformative portrait experience that transcends boundaries and captures the beauty of your soul in the place that holds your most profound meaning.”

Book your Discovery Intuitive Portrait Photography Call Now!

Am I equipped with professional tools? Absolutely, and it’s something I’m particularly passionate about! I work with state-of-the-art, full-frame gear to ensure that your transformative journey is captured in the highest quality possible.

It’s perfectly natural to have some jitters before embarking on a transformative journey, especially one that challenges societal norms and personal beliefs about beauty. This experience may feel like stepping into the unknown, but rest assured, you’re not alone.

Our Pre-Shoot Consultation is a crucial step where we’ll demystify the entire process together. It’s an opportunity to connect with your inner essence, explore your stories, and discover the unique beauty within you.

Now, will you look radiant in these portraits?

Absolutely, without a doubt, but even more importantly, you’ll have the chance to come face-to-face with the extraordinary, compelling, and beautiful soul you’ve always been.

This journey bridges the gap between how you may feel the world sees you and the awe-inspiring individual you are. It’s a celebration of your authenticity and a reminder that true beauty emanates from within.

So, let’s embark on this transformative adventure together, and you’ll see just how remarkable you are.

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The Sacred Space of Soul-Reflecting Portraits

The yearning to be truly seen—soul, quirks, and all—isn’t vanity; it’s a deeply spiritual quest for authenticity.

This urge often goes unfulfilled, leaving us skeptical of the camera’s gaze.

Yet, this skepticism stems from past experiences that failed to capture our essence, rather than a lack of worthiness on our part.

That is why so many of us decline the invitation to step in front of the lens; we’re afraid it won’t capture our most authentic self.

In the sanctuary of my studio, this experience is transmuted. It’s not just about photography; it’s about a spiritual and emotional exploration that requires both courage and humility. This is the essence of why I do what I do. I offer a sacred space where you can safely unmask, shedding the roles and expectations that society has thrust upon you.

In this transformative space, you’ll reconnect with your inner essence, the untamed beauty that’s uniquely yours.

Trust that quiet, burgeoning intuition telling you that you can break free from societal molds.

Take a leap of faith, and allow me to guide you into capturing your soul’s true portrait.

It would be a deep honour to witness your self-discovery and help you fall in love with who you truly are, in the most empowering and authentic ways.

It’s not uncommon to grapple with the societal mirage of beauty and to feel disconnected from it.

The portraits you see in my portfolio are not just snapshots of outwardly beautiful individuals; they are glimpses into the unique, raw, and authentic beauty that exists in each one of us.

This isn’t merely about capturing a pretty face; it’s about unveiling the essence, the spirit, the vulnerabilities, and the strengths that make you extraordinarily you.

If you’re wrestling with self-doubt or questioning your worthiness of such an experience, I invite you to consider this: the camera lens is not a judge; it’s a conduit for self-discovery and reconnection.

This session is a sacred space where you can confront and perhaps, transmute your deepest fears and long-held beliefs about yourself.

The images that emerge will not confirm your insecurities, but challenge them, offering you a new narrative to believe in—one where you are indeed enough, lovable, and profoundly beautiful.

You’re not alone in this journey; we will set intentions, explore themes, and dig deep to manifest the shoot of your dreams, one that resonates with your core being.

Your portraits won’t merely be pictures; they’ll be transformative experiences that defy your “worst fears” and replace them with newfound self-awareness and meaningful connection with your inner self.

Building a genuine connection with my subjects is vital. I spend time getting to know them, understanding their stories, and creating an environment where they feel comfortable to express themselves freely. Authenticity in portraits often arises from trust and a sense of shared humanity.

I believe that lighting sets the mood and conveys the essence of a portrait. My choice of lighting patterns is influenced by the individual’s personality and the story they wish to tell. Lighting adds depth and dimension to the narrative I want to convey.

Connecting with subjects is paramount, and it begins with intuitive, active listening and empathy. I create a space of connection to understand their experiences, dreams, and fears deeply. This intention helps build trust, allowing them to open up in front of the camera.

Toggle I view each portrait as a storytelling opportunity. I aim to capture a moment encapsulating the subject’s essence and narrative. Composition, lighting, and expression all play a role in conveying the deeper story within the frame.

It’s about capturing the duality of the human experience. Vulnerability and strength often coexist within us all. By creating an environment of trust and respect, I enable subjects to embrace both aspects, resulting in portraits that reflect their true selves.

During our sessions, I encourage subjects to connect deeply and intentionally with their emotions and memories. I ask open-ended questions that evoke genuine responses. We can create powerful portraits by guiding them in revisiting their experiences.

Eye contact is a powerful element in my portraits. It directly connects the subject and the viewer beyond time and space. The eyes often reveal the subject’s vulnerability, strength, and humanity, making the portrait more relatable.

The key is balance. Studio lighting offers control, while natural light brings authenticity. Experiment with both and learn to use each to enhance the other. Understanding how they complement one another can lead to impactful results.

Focus on building genuine connections with your subjects. Learn to see beyond the surface and listen to their stories. Remember that technical skills are essential, but intuition, empathy and understanding are equally crucial in creating meaningful portraits.