Covid-19 Precautions

If you are unvaccinated, if you are feeling unwell or if you are anxious at all about being around me in a low contact, low touch environment, please stay at home and consider postponing your visit. I will reschedule anyone who decides to cancel or postpone their session.

I am fully vaccinated, but I understand that this is not an option for some people. I continue to check for symptoms and will now be checking for vaccine status upon entry. I believe in pro-choice, and I also respect every person’s right to privacy as defined in Ontario law.

 I operate my business complying with Government legislation. The Government has been clear; requiring proof of vaccination is a temporary measure at this time. 

My Covid-19 Methodology

People are well aware of the mandated measures and understand the risk associated with Covid-19. Physical distancing, indoor mask use and handwashing, deep cleaning and sanitization, and self-care are the pillars of my stay-safe protocols. It is also vitally important that you feel comfortable and free of anxiety during your visit. While I can take steps to make you feel safe, I cannot guarantee your safety.  


 To create a safe and anxiety-free environment and in keeping with the recommendations from public health, I have implemented the following protocols for all clients.  

 You must be free from symptoms of Covid-19 or any contagious illness 72 hours before arrival.

 Before your session, please use this link to the Ontario Government Covid-19 Self-Assessment tool

You will also receive a pre-arrival screening communication. If you have any changes in your condition before your arrival, please disclose your situation immediately. 

 I have a zero-symptom policy. Before you arrive, I will do a self-assessment at my place of business (233 Market Street, Campbellford, Ontario).

Physical Distancing  

Mask Use and Hand-Washing

Wearing face coverings in common indoor areas is required by myself and clients, except those who have a medical reason why they cannot safely wear a mask or cannot remove a mask without assistance.

 I have posted reminders to encourage frequent hand washing, physical distancing and the use of face coverings while indoors. There are multiple locations to wash hands or use hand sanitizer. 


For all cleaning and sanitization, I use an effective disinfectant and sanitizer. The common areas and the bathroom are sanitized between sessions. 


Face coverings will be worn by myself and are mandatory for clients during sessions. I have disposable face masks available if you don’t have your own. The decision to provide services to a client will be at my sole discretion at the time. 

Maintaining a healthy immune system is vital to defending yourself from Covid-19 and many other illnesses and diseases.