Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom

Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom is an immersive, nurturing, therapeutic experience for people ready to activate their internal soul guidance GPS and make even more of a difference with their spiritual gifts. 

Right now, there is an awakening occurring on the planet. 

OITEW will give you the tools to expand your consciousness cultivate the connection to higher wisdom and the unified field, God/Goddess, Source Energy. 

You will learn point perspective meditation techniques such as using your breath, working with intention, visual objects, chanting, and sound. Although simple, these are advanced practices. 

I teach you how to expand your practice for intuitive guidance and connection to the unseen world.

Mental-Spiritual hygiene is paramount to delving into the world of psychic work. Nothing is left to chance. 

Learning the Open Inward inquiry journey may initially feel like you need to be a mental gymnast to follow instructions. Relax, stay on the Open Inward path, and you will arrive at your desired outcome! 

Let’s get started!

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