Open Inward Self Illumination

Open Inward Self Illumination – OISI

The emphasis of OISI will be on heart-opening, lightness of being, nurturing, exciting, expansive and heaps of fun! 

Each month’s goal will be focused on Self-Love, Self-Reunion, Self-Discovery, Self-Healing, Self-Worthing and Self-Validation.

  • How to take your soul work and self-analysis to the next level
  • Your Grimoire – a textbook to document your magical workings
  • Repatterning/reorganization through deterministic chaos
  • Working with your True Will and the Law of One
  • How to identify and eliminate where we lose energy that distracts us from our path
  • Deploy rich Five Element, Esoterica, Ritual, Ceremony & Invocation 
  • Work with Oracles, Crystals & Talismans
  • Shamanic Quantum Journeys
  • Intuition/Psychic ongoing skills building
  • Advanced Surrogacy Self-Connection Meditation Practice
    • Roots in Shamanic Taoism
  • Advanced Self-Connection Practice
    • Introducing a new listening stations
  • Integrate all eight senses into your perception

OISI Bonuses

  • Your monthly private individualized round-up intuitive assessment from me (Telegram voice message). A mini reading!
  • Complimentary comprehensive Numerology charts
  • Access to the latest OITEW content 
  • Price Freeze for 2018 for Intuitive Coaching Session V.I.P. @$250 (my current rate is $275) for the balance of 2022

Program runs from:  

April, May, and June (break for July and August + Hone Work) 

September, October, and November (break for December + Hone Work)

January, February, and March

  • Two 90-minute Zoom Events a month
    • Tuesdays, 4 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET (some events may go on for a maximum 2hrs)
    • Teachings, experiences/exercises followed by Live Coaching and Feedback 


2022 OISI Event Dates: 

  • April 5, 19
  • May 17, 24
  • June 14, 21
  • September 14, 27
  • October 11, 25
  • November 8, 22

2023 OISI Event Dates: 

  • January 10, 24
  • February 7, 21
  • March 7, 21

Dyad Client Connection Session Work lives on…but not in OISI.

  • There are no Dyad ‘Client Experience’ session obligations or Stuck Fear Truth on each other!
  • For those who want to do dyad sessions, arrange to hook up outside OISI. 
  • I encourage you to continue your dyad work if you are keen to build the quality of your Open Inward readings. 

I’m honoured to have you as part of OISI as we bring healing and peace to the Cosmos through your spiritual evolution!

Pro Tip: 

At all OISI Events, I urge you always to show up rested, with a clear head and dogged persistence in your commitment to self-illumination! 

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