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Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom

Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom is an immersive, nurturing, therapeutic experience for people ready to activate their internal soul guidance GPS and make even more of a difference with their spiritual gifts. 

Right now, there is an awakening occurring on the planet. 

OITEW will give you the tools to expand your consciousness cultivate the connection to higher wisdom and the unified field, God/Goddess, Source Energy. 

You will learn point perspective meditation techniques such as using your breath, working with intention, visual objects, chanting, and sound. Although simple, these are advanced practices. 

I teach you how to expand your practice for intuitive guidance and connection to the unseen world.

Mental-Spiritual hygiene is paramount to delving into the world of psychic work. Nothing is left to chance. 

Learning the Open Inward inquiry journey may initially feel like you need to be a mental gymnast to follow instructions. Relax, stay on the Open Inward path, and you will arrive at your desired outcome! 

Let’s get started!

Please note: 

This is an Online Course and is not downloadable. Once purchased, this course does not have an expiration. You will get unlimited viewing access in your account.

Open Inward Integrative Evidential Mediumship OIIEM

OIIEM, with humility and respect, is dedicated to all spirit helpers of love & light.

  • OIIEM is everything I’d wished for when I stepped into my knowing that I was a natural medium-high-touch, one on one, next-level individualized experiential mentoring.
  • My goal is to challenge, and share information to keep you on the straight and narrow and support you reach the next level of your gift as a Medium. 
  • I will share my experiences and studies in the art of accessing psychic/mediumship information that facilitates healing. 
  • OIIEM is for you, a dedicated, gifted seeker devoted and willing to tool up your psychic mediumship. 

OIIEM Outcomes:

OIIEPM Protocol for Open Inward Integrative Evidential Mediumship

Preparation for a session

Duty of Care 

  • Meditation – elevate your vibration, move from beta to alpha for brain/heart coherence
  • Prayer/Protection 
  • How to detect and expel unwanted Spirits

Clear your field

  • How to fortify your grounding
  • How to open your unified field awareness to infinite possibilities 
  • How to become more clear perceptually

Shift & Connect Procedure

  • How to create the optimal space for spirits to connect 
  • How to consciously and deliberately open, and nurture the link with the Spirit World
  • How to be a mediumship concierge, successfully identify spirit entities and lovingly encourage correspondence
  • Lead mediumship sessions with the appropriate high etiquette required to respectfully mediate with your Recipient and the spirit world
  • Mindfully navigate the three-way entanglement (Medium, Spirit and Client) during a mediumship session


  • How to close the portal to the spirit world


  • Receive high touch, one-on-one personalized affirming, validating mentoring blended with intuitive coaching from me, Laurie Anne
  • Discern between psychic information and mediumship information
  • Develop the gold standard skills for Evidential Mediumship
  • Learn how to confidently go beyond the bread crumbs that the spirit world offers to access relevant and evidential information for your Recipient
  • Learn to identify a variety of spirits (Relatives, spouses, friends, ancestors, animals, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, elementals)  
  • Learn how to support a soul who has recently passed (and their loved ones)
  • Learn what happens after a person dies and how to discern when is a good time to attempt to connect with them
  • Learn the art of psychic interpretation and information sense-making 
  • Understand the relevant natural laws of mediumship
  • Learn to recognize the many signs that the spirit creates to let us know we are not alone

Fine Tweaking

  • Advanced Connection exercise to link and blend more efficiently and confidently with the individual members and their roles in your Spiritual Guidance or Spirit Team
    • Primary Mediumship Guide
    • Guardian (s)
    • Relatives and Ancestors (Earth and InterStellar)
  • Recognize and transform your inherent connection hindrances
    • Recognize when you are blocking a connection and the flow of information
      • Liberate yourself from the ego’s agenda on how you want to or think you should perform mediumship
  • Learn how spirit uniquely connects with you (Another bio-signature)
  • Identify your idiosyncratic aspects/qualities that would enhance your sessions and could benefit from mentoring to further refine how you show up as a medium
  • How to super fine-tune your dynamic connection to the spirit world 

Identify Your Mediumship Style and Niche

  • Identify what is your ‘type’(s) of mediumship
  • Know what qualities define your niche as a medium (Examples – some mediums are very aligned to deceased animals, not people, ancestors, elementals, spiritual guides, philosophical downloads, etc.)
    • It’s actually good to be a Jack of all Trades, master of none because it is better than being a master of one trade!
      • A Master of one means that you are not adaptable and you are also not an easy medium to be contacted because of specialization. 
  • Secure a connection and create a mutually agreeable contract with your personal mediumship mediation guardian/spirit helper
  • Explore different levels of psychic mediumship consciousness (from conscious, automatic handwriting/drawing to trance states)
  • Remote quantum viewing relevant to evidential mediumship

Develop your capacity to support your Client

  • OIIEM Advanced Connection Meditation Practice helps to raise your vibration, make the veil between your Higher awareness and your lower awareness more transparent, less dense, and more waveform
  • Elevate your emotional intelligence and body-mind awareness (the deeper you connect to yourself, the deeper you can connect to others, (caporal or non-caporal)
  • Emotional Intelligence EQ up-skill to support your Recipient’s integration of the evidential mediumship experience
    • Experiential Body-Mind Integration is a non-traditional training element absent in all the mediumship training I have done over the years.
    • Targeting specifications showing up in the evidence-based information invites the opportunity for cathartic and healing experiences for your subject. 
    • SFT
  • Learn how to access spiritual guidance on-demand not just when they randomly show up
  • Learn how to get clarification, symbolism, and energy shifts

OIIEM Broad Strokes: 

An 8 Week High touch journey, one on one, to reach that next level through individualized experiential mentoring

  • Eight 60-90 minute, highly personalized mentoring intuitive coaching intensive skills-building experiential and self-reflective practice sessions through Zoom
    • Personalized direction, practice opportunities, constructive criticism and tough love
    • Learn the OIIEM Protocol for Integrative Evidential Mediumship sessions (beyond OITEW)
    • Elevate your connection to the world of spirit to get more specific evidence
    • Learn to intuitively capitalize on moments that could lead your Recipient to heal and transformational experiences
    • Hone-Work:
      • Invite family and friends to do Practice sessions at your convenience
      • Video submission (time stamped) for high-touch feedback – the fastest way to learn and course-correct
  • Heaps of  information, experiences, and opportunities to birth the unique psychic medium you indeed are
  • Surprise drop-in clients
  • Telegram ‘bubble’ support (the bridge between sessions)

OIIEM journey will nurture your heart, head, and soul.

  • OIIEPM is available through the application process only. 
  • Please Note: All fees must be paid in full prior to sessions starting and are non-refundable. No credits, refunds, or deferments.
  • By studying with me as your Intuitive Coach, together we will customize your training specifically to meet your needs for the achievement of your goals.
  • Let go of all your fears right now. I want you to know that your well-being is foremost in my mind as I lead you on the first steps of this lifelong journey. This bond of trust is essential as I help support you and guide you to help uncover your abilities and develop your Mediumship.
  • At this time, the One-On-One Psychic Mediumship Coaching opportunity is limited to one-on-one to help you get the most benefits to help you expand your abilities.

Please note:

This is an Online Course and is not downloadable. Once purchased, this course does not have an expiration. You will get unlimited viewing access in your account.

Open Inward Self Illumination

Open Inward Self Illumination – OISI

The emphasis of OISI will be on heart-opening, lightness of being, nurturing, exciting, expansive and heaps of fun! 

Each month’s goal will be focused on Self-Love, Self-Reunion, Self-Discovery, Self-Healing, Self-Worthing and Self-Validation.

  • How to take your soul work and self-analysis to the next level
  • Your Grimoire – a textbook to document your magical workings
  • Repatterning/reorganization through deterministic chaos
  • Working with your True Will and the Law of One
  • How to identify and eliminate where we lose energy that distracts us from our path
  • Deploy rich Five Element, Esoterica, Ritual, Ceremony & Invocation 
  • Work with Oracles, Crystals & Talismans
  • Shamanic Quantum Journeys
  • Intuition/Psychic ongoing skills building
  • Advanced Surrogacy Self-Connection Meditation Practice
    • Roots in Shamanic Taoism
  • Advanced Self-Connection Practice
    • Introducing a new listening stations
  • Integrate all eight senses into your perception

OISI Bonuses

  • Your monthly private individualized round-up intuitive assessment from me (Telegram voice message). A mini reading!
  • Complimentary comprehensive Numerology charts
  • Access to the latest OITEW content 
  • Price Freeze for 2018 for Intuitive Coaching Session V.I.P. @$250 (my current rate is $275) for the balance of 2022

Program runs from:  

April, May, and June (break for July and August + Hone Work) 

September, October, and November (break for December + Hone Work)

January, February, and March

  • Two 90-minute Zoom Events a month
    • Tuesdays, 4 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET (some events may go on for a maximum 2hrs)
    • Teachings, experiences/exercises followed by Live Coaching and Feedback 


2022 OISI Event Dates: 

  • April 5, 19
  • May 17, 24
  • June 14, 21
  • September 14, 27
  • October 11, 25
  • November 8, 22

2023 OISI Event Dates: 

  • January 10, 24
  • February 7, 21
  • March 7, 21

Dyad Client Connection Session Work lives on…but not in OISI.

  • There are no Dyad ‘Client Experience’ session obligations or Stuck Fear Truth on each other!
  • For those who want to do dyad sessions, arrange to hook up outside OISI. 
  • I encourage you to continue your dyad work if you are keen to build the quality of your Open Inward readings. 

I’m honoured to have you as part of OISI as we bring healing and peace to the Cosmos through your spiritual evolution!

Pro Tip: 

At all OISI Events, I urge you always to show up rested, with a clear head and dogged persistence in your commitment to self-illumination! 

Please note:

This is an Online Course and is not downloadable. Once purchased, this course does not have an expiration. You will get unlimited viewing access to your account.