Conjuring Your Inner Wisdom: A Story of Transformation with the Wise Woman Resurrected Program

As the sun rises over the horizon, you wake up with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement. You know that today is the day you will embark on a transformative journey leading you to rediscover your inner wise woman and step into your power.

As you join three other women and me on this journey, you feel a sense of camaraderie and support. Together, we will explore the teachings of the Goddess Isis and her Seven Scorpions, learning to tap into our inner strength and wisdom and reclaim our power as wise women.

Through the program, you experience a series of breakthroughs and wins. You learn to let go of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, freeing yourself from the constraints holding you back for so long. You discover your true purpose and passion, gaining clarity on your life mission and the steps she needs to take to achieve it.

You radiate confidence and empowerment as you tap into your inner strength and wisdom. You take control of your life and live it fully, unafraid of the challenges ahead. You know you have the support and guidance of the other women in the program, as well as my expertise and experience.

At the end of the program, you emerge as a new woman who is wise, confident, and empowered. You know your purpose, your passions, and your strengths. You have rediscovered yourself, stepped into your power, and are ready to take on the world.

If you are a woman ready to embark on this transformative journey, I encourage you to book a discovery call with me today. Together, we will explore the teachings of Isis and the Seven Scorpions, tap into your inner strength and wisdom, and help you reclaim your power as a wise woman. Are you ready to experience the fantastic outcomes and wins that await you? Let’s get started.

I am now accepting applications for four curious and brave beta testers to join me on this journey. 


  1. Are you in your mid-40s and above?
  2. Do you consider yourself on a spiritual path of ascension and personal empowerment?
  3. Do you feel an alignment, a calling to enter a cathartic journey home to yourself?

If you answered yes to all three questions,  I invite you to book a Discovery call and apply for this opportunity.

Wise Woman Resurrected Portrait Discovery Link

Please note: The Wise Woman Resurrected Project (which includes a Journey Portrait) investment is reduced for a limited time for four beta testers. The investment is too crazy to post publicly. I am looking to attract four women to be the face of this project. Is it you? 

Together, we will co-create a beautiful and meaningful life aligned with your highest purpose, connected to nature and the planet, and focused on uplifting others and making a difference. Join me on this journey towards the resurrection of your inner Wise Woman, and let us transform ourselves and the world around us.

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