Laurie Anne has been intuitively coaching people worldwide to get unstuck and liberated for nearly 40 years. 
The content of her work is alignment-based, self-connection/reconnection, shifting from where we get stuck, getting grounded and clear on who we are and who we are not, restoring balance and harmony within and without and letting go/letting come. 
The context of her work is unique to each person and involves emotional/mental and spiritual accessing of knowledge and understanding through psychic and intuitive processes of cognition. 
She has experientially developed a unique intuitive integrative coaching’ methodology over nearly 40 years. Outcomes are focused on empowerment, liberation from our suffering, switching on purpose and gifts and creating balance and harmony. 
She holds a 7th dan in Usui-do, a Japanese system of self-connection, and over the years, she has facilitated many spiritual workshops focused on self-reunion. 
In 1989, Laurie Anne began formally practicing body-mind-centred therapies, including natural healing, Five Elements, Osteopathic Advanced CranioSacral therapy, Cognitive, Somato-Emotional Release, Bio-Tuning – Nero-Bioacoustics, Sound therapy, and shamanic journeywork, etc. 
She is the creator of Open Inward, a signature program that coaches spiritually attuned people to connect to their wisdom, develop their psychic faculty and learn intuitive coaching in the style Laurie Anne has evolved while serving clients worldwide. 
Laurie Anne is also an intuitive portrait photographer. She offers Open Inward Journey Portraits, a unique and nurturing experience that guides her subject to feel safe and seen in positive ways and, most importantly, captures rare expressions that reveal the beautiful soul they are. 
Lastly, Laurie Anne is a spiritual seeker, continuously cultivating her psychic faculty, integrating metaphysical, esoteric and wellness teachings into her life’s work. Like you, she is passionate about making a difference in this world.
On a personal note, Laurie Anne is a Canadian baby boomer born and raised in Toronto. Recently she was repatriated. She was a resident of Australia from 2003-2018. After her late husband died, Laurie Anne returned home to Canada. She resides near the Trent Severn in picturesque Trent Hills, Ontario. 
Laurie Anne has two brilliant adult children, three divine grandchildren and a high-spirited standard poodle. 
Laurie Anne is a creative spirit; her hobbies include hand-building pottery, learning about esoteric principles, travel, wanderlust and photography.

I believe we all secretly yearn to see within our own reflection the essence and beauty of who we are,

the radiance of our being

Let me prove to you that a beautiful empowered photo of you is possible.

Holding photos of you showing up AS WHOM YOU HAVE FOUGHT TO BECOME is fantastically liberating.