Behind the lens

Stop, close your eyes and imagine your great, great, great-granddaughter holding a beautiful photograph of you

See her connecting with the essence of you

Inspired, she holds you to her chest and proudly claims you as a beautiful and wise ancestor

She wants to be like you

Hello, I am Laurie Anne. I am an Intuitive Coach and a Portrait Photographer and as often as I can, all entangled together. This is me finally in my element.

I do see and feel things. I am not talking about your winning lottery numbers although that would be nice. I am talking about seeing the real you without a shred of judgment. I see your soul, your beauty, your deep worth, your gifts and I also might see your wounds and where you are stuck. I will hold a space for you to self connect, heal, and safely change the way you see yourself.

This is my niche.

Allow me to gently peel back some sticky layers to let some light onto those aspects of your nature you’ve disconnected and forgotten.

So you need to know this is not like ducking into KMart for a quick snap.

Whether it’s a photoshoot, and or an Intuitive Coaching Session, it is an experience, an invitation to go on a spiritual journey back to you. I will hold your hand and match your enthusiasm and your courage to dig deep and slowly trust the process, bringing forward the most authentic you that is available on the day.

I’m artsy and a non-personal intimacy-seeking introvert with a dash of ‘the autistic spectrum’ in there for the ultimate excuse for my eccentricities.

I’m a spiritual feminist, with a deep down to earth, practical, and sentimental flavour thrown in. I’m also newly widowed and subsequently, I have recently repatriated to Canada.

I lived abroad in North Tropical Queensland, Australia for about 10 years with my beloved late husband. After the avalanche that only the death of your ‘person’ happens, I headed back to Canada to start a new life. That was on Summer Solstice, 2018.

I am grateful for my family and chosen family and I feel blessed to be working in ‘my element’ at this time in my life, my 3rd act.

I love posh peaty single malt scotch and I am a photography gear pig. I have in my arsenal a few professional full-frame cameras and never too many lenses. I know how to use it all to create beautiful portraits.

At 57 years of age, I am committed to being 110% unapologetically authentically who I am. You get the whole package, often unintentionally unfiltered and politically incorrect but honest, authentic, wrinkles and whiskers, without exception.

I freely celebrate and honour all cultures, ethnicities, and genders, religious and spiritual beliefs. I could not give a hoot about politics.

I am compelled like a honey bird to pretty flowers make portraits that invite the viewer into a connection with the subject. To me this is inspirational.

I am committed to holding a sacred space for the woman who has lost her personal priorities, misplaced her self worth, and her self respect for everyone else’s needs.

If we are connecting, you just might be feeling this desire to try to find your spark again. It’s a calling. You might even be feeling the call of the goddess or call it your innermost self, to come home

It’s the business of women’s wisdom that should not be ignored. Your old story of not showing up in front of the camera is crumbling. Change is coming.

Through a wardrobe consult that delves into “how do you want to show up”, professional hair and make-up, and a contemporary magazine-style portrait, YOU are reborn, reclaim self-love and embrace the essence of who YOU are and embrace YOUR rare beauty.

It’s pretty groovy! I freaking love it. It’s also entirely personalized, decadent, and luxurious.

Are you worth it? Hell Yes!

Let’s STOP pandering to beauty myths, unrealistic body image, and my personal pet peeve – the way ageing suddenly makes us invisible. I believe making beautiful portraits of women honours the feminine principle.

I am drawn to capture the archetype of the Triple Goddess: the young maiden, the mother, and my favourite – the wise woman – also known as the Crone or the old Haig.  I’ll have a whiskey with ‘her’ any day. She has reached or is well on her way to the point of acceptance of herself and others, has given up comparing herself to others, and has especially let go of needing to be liked or accepted. She is her own Queen.

I believe it’s essential to nurture modern feminism. Creating images of women showing up in their great worth, connected, strong but soft. This is my calling.

We all have superpowers and mine is guiding you through vulnerability to self-connection. My job is to help you feel at the moment. We will explore the people and things that you feel connected to. Soon you will feel relaxed, maybe a bit raw but confidence will come. Enticing and capturing your elusive ‘self-connection’ follows easily. It’s real. You will feel it. To the observer of you at the moment and the photos taken as proof, it’s idiosyncratically you, yet melodious and believable.

I believe we all secretly yearn to see within our own reflection the essence and beauty of who we are, the radiance of our being.

Let me prove to you that a beautiful empowered photo of you is possible. Holding photos of you showing up AS WHOM YOU HAVE FOUGHT TO BECOME is fantastically liberating.

It’s a right of passage; a state of mind and it reconnects your outer self to your internal sacred self.

Allow me to show you the most beautiful and soulful photo of you that you have ever seen.

Let’s show them who you are!

Relax, I GOT YOU. I really do.

What are you waiting for? Book a complimentary Discovery Call and let’s see if we are a good fit for each other. 

I believe we all secretly yearn to see within our own reflection the essence and beauty of who we are,

the radiance of our being

Let me prove to you that a beautiful empowered photo of you is possible.

Holding photos of you showing up AS WHOM YOU HAVE FOUGHT TO BECOME is fantastically liberating.