Psychic Reading

An exposé of one’s current patterns, beliefs and aspects of self, often involving a scrutiny of their effects upon self connection and primary relationships. The objective is to inspire a type of psychic re-boot, liberating the ambition to restore balance.

With compassion and humility around any excessive aspirations, we uncover the keystone of the architecture of one’s suffering. Like a good detective, we look to see the big picture, the key players and the little supporting details. We then efficiently, close in on illusions and limitations but also the healing catharsis, illuminations, endearing qualities, spiritual gifts and one’s purpose! Armed with new knowledge and a refreshed perception, one can then go to work to rebalance and transform one’s life. Painful and or confusing only if we insist our illusions and beliefs are real and resist our own truth…

Through the use of multi-perspectives [Clairvoyance (eyes), Clairaudience (ears), Claircognizance (head) and Clairsentience (heart)] an inner view of one’s soul essence is presented in a non-judgmental manner.

During a session:

  • One’s beliefs, behavioural patterns, ‘issues’ and ‘multidimensional existences’ are non-judgmentally explored.
  • One’s idiosyncratic self (who we really are), including one’s inherent gifts and self-connection are explored.
  • Through the potential of a renewed self-connection, one can be inspired to pursue a self-empowered process of transformation

Metaphysical explanation:

A Psychic reading with Laurie Anne is a unique experience of self-connection and resynchronisation, which acts as a transformational catalyst, unconditionally and without judgment. This experience can involve a flood of illumination from which the body-mind dynamic may be brought into a greater integration with its inseparable qualities.

Physics explanation:

At any given instant, there is an equal probability of being one of any potential infinite number of selves in different times and or different locations (time and space). 
Of these quantum selves:

  • One is “the here-and-now self”
  • One is “the now-but-not-here self” (could be anywhere)
  • One is “the here-but-not-now self” (could be at any point in the time and space continuum or beyond)
  • One is “the not-here-and-not-now self”, which is the “ultimate self” (outside of the time and space continuum)
  • Sometimes a quantum self is connected to the “ultimate self”, but there is a block and therefore no direct way of relating information from this connection to “the here-and-now self”.

From the Physics perspective, what happens during a Psychic Reading?

During a psychic reading, any or all of these quantum selves (aspects of self) can be in communication with one another. The “ultimate self” (highest wisdom) exists outside the time and space continuum and therefore, is not subject to the limitations of time and space. Hence, the “ultimate self” can view all the other selves. Consequently, “the here-and-now self” can gain perspective regarding what needs to be changed in order to create a more harmonious state of balance.

Possible Quantum Selves

Please Note:
  • Psychic Readings are offered in person, over the telephone or through Skype. I ring you!
  • Pre-payment is required to reserve a date and time
  • It is highly recommended but not essential to prepare personal questions in advance of the session
  • Fees: Sessions are a minimum of 30 minutes @ $150 US, or 60 minutes @ $200 US, recorded in Mp3 format and made available for download shortly afterwards through DropBox
  • This type of work may excite emotions and old stories that are ready for release. A psychic reading is not traditional therapy and one must be responsible for their experience and or see professional support when necessary.

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