Psychic Mentoring for Super Humans

Are you a ‘Super Human’ at heart looking to activate your super powers?
Wait – Do you know what your super powers are?  Don’t worry, that’s one of the first things we will expose!

Super Human – You are ready to make a big commitment to consciously navigate your life from a practical and intutive awareness, develop your spiritual gifts to the next level and elevate your emotional (heart) and mental (mind) communication skills and soulful connections?

We are all a unique spark of consciousness, therefore we each deserve a bespoke psychic development mentoring plan. Some folks are more keen to cultivate their psychic gifts whilst others are drawn to deepen their self-connection, their intuition or show up in their relationships or career with all barrels firing. Some just want it all. Personally or professionally, there are a few hurdles and distractions in the way. The first step is where we identify your inner saboteur, the wolf in the cheap sheep suit. Psychic Mentoring is a challenging but deeply rewarding process of inquiry, confrontation, self-discovery and empowerment. What are you waiting for?

Bespoke 7 Week Psychic Mentoring Plan

  • Same day, each week (where possible), 7 x 1 hour long sessions
  • Bespoke Mentoring Plan consult (15 minutes, booked prior to first session)
  • Recorded in MP3, available for download via DropBox
  • Fee $1200.00 US (Value $1475.00)
    • Payment Options:
      • A: Payment is due in full at commencement
      • B: $720 is due at commencement, $480  is due by the 4th session.