How does psychic perception work?

Once a psychic intentionally opens up to you, your energy, any presented patterns and spiritual connections, (non-local awareness – where everything is in a state of vibration and is linked together in the universe in wholeness) a totally non-logical, non-analytical process begins to unfold. A floodgate of information begins to enter the consciousness of the psychic in the form of images, sounds, sensations, emotions, thoughts and even constructs and concepts. At that point, the psychic needs to remain neutral, in a state of non-judgment, acceptance & trust and to not question their ‘knowingness’ to the best of their ability.

Be aware of natural deflection factors known as ‘displacement’ that can occur:

Displacement: Occurs when an accurate description/information has been provided but it relates to the wrong ‘target’ or a ‘non-target’.

Numinousity: Causes displacement by the very nature of a great fear of something or a great realization/inspiration, a charismatic experience, or an affinity/attraction/fascination/compulsion to the subject, in some cases.

i.e. An obsessive attraction to another person

Personal biases: Causes displacement when the psychic non-consciously filters the interpretation of the information through their own personal bias, belief, judgment or suspected expectation of the recipient.

Performance anxiety: Causes displacement when the psychic is pressured to give answers that reflect what the recipient wants to hear versus the presented information.

What are Clair Senses?

“Clair” a French prefix meaning “clear”.
A natural cooperative of perceptual sensitivities, blending and harmonizing together continuously, in our non-conscious, conscious and higher conscious. Each of us has psychic senses. Some people are simply more developed in these areas. This is no different when compared to someone who is exceptional at mathematics or is highly artistic. Everyone, to varying degrees, has psychic perception just like everyone is able to be creative or use deductive thinking. Our psychic sensitivities continuously interact with our normal five sensitivities (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell)! We are all in a different state of balance with each sensitivity, coalescing into our ‘Conscious of Being’, according to our nature and what aspects we nurture in ourselves.

Clairvoyance (clear eyes):

The ability to see beyond normal vision without the physical eyes. Perception that is visually experienced in the head or beyond the perception of one’s physical reality, beyond time and space. I.E. Purposeful visions of people, places, events, objects, words, vibrational forms, living and deceased people, spiritual guidance. Most of this information is symbolic and metaphoric.

Clairaudience (clear ears):

The ability to ‘hear’ inaudible sounds to that of normal hearing, in ‘the head’ or in the atmosphere. Anything from subtle delicate sounds and vibrations of nature and the cosmos, (clicks, pops, organic sounds, musical instrumental sounds) to profound words and sentences, projected from the spirit world.

Claircognizance (clear mental knowing):

The ability to observe (without seeking) ‘knowledge’ about an object, person or location without having verifiable proof of the information beforehand. The metaphor of a psychic download best describes claircognizance. This sometimes includes not understanding an inner knowingness, (how or why she or he ‘knows’). Claircognizance is also very subtle yet strong and tends to transcend the psychic’s ego. I.E. Premonitions, insights previously never known, abstract concepts, problem solving, strategies, inner knowing, ability to detect deceit despite presented evidence to the contrary and even inspirational ideas and inventions. (Not to be confused with remote viewing.)

Clairempathic (clear emotional knowing):

The ability to sense information, feelings, emotions, personality traits of a person within their own body but know it is not their own. To also sense feelings and emotions connected to an object or lingering in an area. (Not to be confused with psychometry.)

Clairsentience (clear sensation, heart knowing):

The ability to sense information by a sensation or feeling within areas or the entire body, without external suggestion related to the information.

Psychic Mediumship: 

A ‘mediator’ between the physical world and the intelligences/ancestors/spiritual guides in the Etheric world. A blending of the medium’s energy and the energy of the intelligences called upon, occurs, allowing for messages, psychic information, healing, protection and sometimes new knowledge to be brought forth.

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