Get the most out of your session!

Ask your questions with truthful intent

This is not a game of poker. You don’t need to hide your ‘cards’; the psychic will see them anyway but will only be blocked by your suspicious untrustworthy intentions. A healthy skepticism is necessary and best used as a personal truth detection filter versus a projection onto the psychic.

The more specific the questions, often, the more specific the answers

During your reading, please ask for clarification if you need it. Don’t assume the psychos is wrong. Instead consider why the information does not make sense – yet!

Your Life Map

Get the most out of your session! Take some time to generate focused energy around your intentions for your session. Here’s how: Look at your life in terms of a mind map! Each branch is comparable to an aspect of your life. For example: yourself, health and wellness, primary relationships, career, finances, creativity, etc.

You may wish to explore the quality of your connections to:

• specific named people
• the direction of your primary relationships
• the state of balance and proportion within your life map
• the state of your self connection – the glue that holds your map together

Mind Maps

You may also wish to inquire about

• your spiritual gifts
• your life’s purpose
• your existing spiritual support systems (including spirit guides, ancestors, animal totems, and other ethereal intelligences) and how to improve the quality of these connections
• external influences that may be non-consciously affecting you (your environment; previous life experiences; subconscious patterns; genetic patterning)
• new spiritual connections
• how to flow with the changes in your life from a place of balance and harmony

After your reading, take time to assimilate the experience. Revisit the session whenever you feel the urge by listening to your Mp3.

How does psychic perception work?


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