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Feels good to be alive again. Thanks schmore💖 for helping me get back on my path. While I have been a student of the esoteric teachings for a long time now, it never ceases to amaze me what happens each time I “sesh” with you. I dont know quite how it is that you do the things you do, but I like it …and just wanted to express my gratitude for sharing a tiny part of your journey/ story with me. Nasmaste💜 friend.
Michaela Sorrentino (Ontario, Canada)

Thank you so much Laurie Anne.  I feel like we had a really clear, insightful and resonating session. Your sharing links directly with my questions written before our connection.  Your website page for preparing for a session is terrific. I look forward to our next session.

Tina, (Austin, Texas)

I am so grateful to have been introduced to Laurie Anne.

Thank you Laurie Anne for helping me bring awareness to action in our very first session. I would not have believed that a session over Skype could have such an impact…until it did.

The accuracy with which you were able to highlight and articulate the challenges I have been facing in my life was unbelievable. Your words of advice were so thoughtful, impactful and resonated with me so much. When connecting to my energy, I was able to actually feel the surge run through me. Wow!!! It was like nothing I have ever experienced. I have a renewed faith in the spiritual world and our relationship with it.

I am so looking forward to what is to come in our continued work together…Thank You!!!

Julie Mitchell-McEwen, (Toronto, Ontario.)

I completely trust Laurie Anne. Delving deeply, Laurie Anne’s unconditional and genuine being creates an incredible space where I can come to understand my very nature; the root of any unhelpful patterns and issues; and how to harmonize my being into a more consistent, healthy state. Her kindness and quick laugh disperses any sense of vulnerability. I especially appreciate how interactive her modalities are – making me feel very much a part of the process of healing. For me, the relaxed conversation of her readings has lead to some pretty big discoveries about myself of which I was previously unaware. I feel very, very blessed to have met her. I admire her focus and dedication to continually developing her skills with the purpose of helping and healing. Her skills, both the acquired and the innate, are so highly tuned I would not hesitate to recommend the experience of any of them. In short, time very well spent in a big warm embrace of care and compassion that can’t help but lead to healing, growth, and balance.

Cathy Anderson, Writer, artist, healer, mother (Toronto, Canada)

After many years of trying to find my way, I had a dream sequence that lead me to Laurie Anne. She guided me with clarity, compassion, humour and a spiritual depth that I had not yet encountered with any healer or advisor. I cannot put into words the relief I feel at making a connection with Spirit. There was a path i had to take and Laurie Anne guided me to it with great skill and patience. Thank you stars and universe for Laurie Anne.

Mary (I’m looking forward to seeing your new website.) (Ottawa, Canada)

My apologies for the delay in moving these words from thought to screen! I had a challenging time capturing what I feel in sentences. When I think back to the woman you first met, and all you’ve seen me through and all I’ve shared with you that no one else in the world has heard, all the times you’ve embraced me with compassion, all the crap I’ve dumped in your space, all the tears, and all the times I left you feeling so much better, I am so grateful that there’s a Laurie Anne King in the world. So here goes. Use whatever you like, and you’re welcome to publish my name if you do choose to use any of this. Good luck with your new site!

“I consider myself deeply blessed to have met Laurie Anne. Through her beautiful connection to Spirit – a connection that speaks itself in the most poetic images during our Taraka (psychic reading) sessions, she’s gently guided me back to a place of connection with my own wisdom. Over these past years, I’ve come to her often in grief, and again and again she’s helped me transcend it with spiritual insight and her warm energy. I’ve never known someone so compassionate, and it’s her compassion that creates a safe place to reveal wounds, heal them, and then figure out what the next lesson is. I know this for certain: my life is more rich, more creative, more loving, more peaceful because of my work with Laurie Anne.”

Carrie Klassen (Toronto, Canada)

Dear Laurie Anne,
Thank you very much for your thoughts. I wish you a fabulous year, in which all the love, light, help and guidance you provide for people return to you multiplied a million times. This has been by far the best year for me (so far) and you are the moral author of this major shift that happened in my life. And I only wish I could fully express my appreciation and gratitude, but I am afraid there are no words which can capture this message. So thank you very much!

Miruna, (Bucharest, Romania)

Without a doubt Laurie Anne is one of the most intuitive and gifted individuals I have met. She is the consummate professional and so knowledgeable in her fields – whether you are having CST or having a reading. Not only is Laurie Anne an accomplished practitioner, but also she possesses a kindness and sincerity that is rare indeed. Her honest and loving manner brings peace of mind to the weary soul and her healing hands bring relief to the weathered body. I have never been disappointment after having a session with Laurie Anne. I have come away with less pain, in body and in mind, and with much needed clarity. She is a gift to this planet and to all who have the pleasure of knowing her. She is a master in deed!

Sophia Lowther, (Toronto, Canada)

Laurie Anne is a wonderful and talented human being.
She made me feel very welcome when I walked in the door she greeted me with a beautiful smile. Laurie Anne has a terrific sense of humour and also made my sessions entertaining. My life was transformed after meeting Laurie Anne. I felt I had a better understanding of my purpose and myself. She has brought more clarity to my life than anyone I have ever met. I am grateful! I always recommend Laurie Anne to my friends looking for peace, love and transformation.

Andrei, (Toronto, Canada)

I have been working with Laurie Anne for over 14 years and am not sure who I would be if we had not met.

Laurie Anne has helped to repair and grow my state of being- instilling calmness, peace, being centered, and connecting with my inner self.

She has also relieved me of many physical ailments like Migraines, ACL issues from running, and even a bad sinus cold!

I have been so deeply moved by my experiences with her, that I have brought my young children to her (for CST and readings), my husband and my best friends and clients!

Everyone instantly feels a connection with Laurie Anne, and the love and care that she emanates keeps people coming back.

I have trusted Laurie Anne with CST, Taraka (psychic reading) sessions, Colour Oracle and just about anything she offers.

I truly am amazed at how she can explain things that are happening to me and I leave knowing that I have a better handle on my life and some tools to help me.

I would refer anyone to Laurie Anne, and GUARANTEE him or her a better balance in their life after just one visit.

Thank you for all your support, care and most of all your “healing hands”.

Libby Wildman, Wildman & Associates, (Toronto, Canada)

My life has been significantly changed through the continuous support that I got as a result of both the Channeling (psychic reading) and the Colour Oracles from Laurie Anne. Through those life-changing experiences me and my family have grown significantly and as a result we all have identified new avenues for growth that we continue to explore in the future. By the means of these changes I have discovered my own way of contributing to improving other people’s lives and our world in general. I am deeply grateful for Laurie Anne’s support and tender unconditional spirit in all her interaction with any person that it’s touched by her presence.

Daniel Stan 2008, (Toronto, Canada)

Laurie Anne is the best!  She truly has the gift of healing.   Her gentle touch works it’s magic on you and the healing process begins.  I don’t know how she does it but I do know that she assists us in returning to a place of being pain free and that’s all I need to know.  Let Laurie Anne show you the way back home.”

Anna Maria, (Toronto, Canada)

Laurie Anne is a gifted healer and energetic counsellor; her abilities are not limited by her physical location nor are their effectiveness limited by the technological device through which they are perceived.

Having worked with Laurie Anne in person on energetic healing and Cranial Sacral therapy and now via the phone accessing her energetic gifts, I would and have recommended her highly to those seeking counsel from a higher source.  In interacting with Laurie Anne, in person or via the phone, you are transported to an energy plane that makes the physical reality of space and distance irrelevant.  In my experience, her connection to you, and to Spirit, is strongly focused and she is able to interact with your core being regardless of physical space.  Through all of my interactions with Laurie Anne, she has used a combination of energetic therapies that have helped me to find my blocks and assisted me to connect to my higher self.

While I miss her physical presence, the effectiveness of her healing therapies continues to change my life on a daily basis.  I highly recommend Laurie Anne, via phone or in person, her gifts and healing abilities will open your eyes to a new way of seeing your own life.  I wish you a good journey.

A Sampson, (Toronto, Canada)

I was personally recommended to Laurie Anne and decided to have a Taraka reading. I found this experience deeply moving and uncannily accurate. A long distance phone call is not the best way to communicate but within minutes of talking to Laurie Anne I felt totally at ease. I had a choice too, as to which direction I wanted her to pursue within the reading and that felt empowering. All in all the reading is a healing experience. The insight I was given into character traits about myself that I do not like was incredible. I found the reading an unconditional experience which allowed me the chance to look at the whole picture of myself clearly, rather than through a filtered one. It enabled me to understand the reasons for my way of being and the chance to unblock the things that no longer serve me.

The Taraka (psychic reading), also gave me insight into my spiritual gifts and life purpose for which I am grateful.

Aside from this there was something else going on for me at the time of my reading. My little dog was very poorly, in fact I was convinced he was about to be put to sleep the same week as the vet had already seen him and implied it was highly likely. I mentioned him to Laurie Anne and after a short pause she told me that his problem was neurological and he would adjust. The Vet came to visit him again within three days of her reading and she decided not to put him to sleep. She felt his problem just may be ‘neurological’ and prescribed a course of treatment for him. He is still with us, not cured but happily comfortable and living out the rest of his life peacefully. So thank you Laurie Anne once again for helping me on a different level, through what was a difficult time. You were so right.

Laurie Anne has a non-judgmental attitude and does not portend to be the expert in the relationship. I found this experience was so helpful because we worked together for the healing to take place. I think she has a wonderful gift to share and her warmth and empathic way of being are well suited to nurture our spiritual selves.

This was my first experience but I will definitely come back for another one.

I am less self-critical as a result of the Taraka (psychic reading), which has broken the vicious cycle of reinforcing a sense of failure in my self. I am able to offer unconditional love to myself because I now understand why I have been behaving in a certain way. This is transformational in that it allows change to take place and peace to enter in the place of judgment.

I would say that my relationships have benefited the most following Laurie Anne’s assistance. I am a little softer around the edges and more peaceful within. Just knowing that someone I have never met can not only reveal something about my self that is carefully guarded but then throw light on it is quite astonishing. My way of being affects those around me and my attitude has changed for the better on this spiritual journey.

I wanted a spiritual reading, one that wasn’t based on materialistic predictions. Laurie Anne has given me a holistic experience, one that reinforces my spiritual values and heals my soul. My own positive experience spilled over and affected the people in my life in a positive manner as a result!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laurie Anne’s readings. This is a unique experience that is personal and has healing qualities that I am still benefiting from. I intend to come back for more and thank you from the bottom of my heart for touching my soul and helping it to heal.

I am without question invested in continuing to build this relationship with Laurie Anne. Nobody knows us like we know ourselves – except Laurie Anne!

Jackie Steward, (London, UK)

I enjoyed most her welcoming heart, attention to the science of the mind/body, clarity of focus, commitment and authenticity. What I found most beneficial was the guidance I received on my journey and transformation. Unique was Laurie Anne’s listening skills and attention to the soul within.  Her awareness comes from a pure place void of ego or judgement. Her services have been consistent and stable over time and also evolutionary. I appreciate Laurie Anne’s genuine caring and commitment to service because it created a safe place for me to evolve. Laurie assisted in my journey as I awakened to new aspects of my inner Self.  Her guidance assisted me to see more and look maybe where I had not.  She was never invasive but always supportive giving what was necessary and respecting the process without pushing or putting her own spin on things. The assistance I received that was most valuable was in the balancing of mind body and soul.

Yes, Laurie Anne was part of a larger picture directed as I call it from the God within.  I appreciate her understanding and innate knowingness and trust in the human species.  She understands that first she helps her self, and then with that balance she can assist others for she understands that she is I and I am she. My experiences with Laurie Anne have played a role in my own growth, transformation and healing and I am forever grateful. As a teacher her guidance assisted me to become more of me, more connected to Self and through that process I am able to give more.

I feel confident in referring Laurie Anne to my colleagues, friends and family because of her authenticity and understanding of the science of evolution. I am invested in continuing to build this relationship with Laurie Anne because we are all here to serve and the more we collaborate the more efficient we can be to contribute to the Whole of Humanity and then more.

Sylvanus Klotz, (Toronto, Canada)

My telephone reading with Laurie has made me see myself in a different light. I now understand my long held feelings of searching (for—I don’t know what).  I still do not know, but I feel calmer and surer of myself. Laurie Anne has made me feel more relaxed and at peace.  She is a lovely person, and I feel privileged to have spoken with her.

Joan, November 2006, (London, UK)

Laurie Anne has guided me for over the past 2 years, putting the pieces of my life’s puzzle together.  As a woman, I was blessed with the beautiful gift of intuition; however, often choosing to disregard it’s voice.  Perhaps it was out of fear, regardless, my soul life was fading and my misguided choices started to take its toll.  Through several Taraka (psychic reading) sessions and CranioSacral Therapy sessions, Laurie Anne helped me discover my innate power and true essence.  The very thing I was choosing to ignore.  For the first time in 34 years, I can truly say, I trust and love myself…the best part…life has only just begun!”

Sharon Lavoie, (Calgary, Canada)

Dear Laurie-Anne

Thank you so much for your time doing that reading for me, you were so accurate that it was more than a little spooky. I can certainly see why people consult you. It was very interesting especially the giraffe connection, a couple of days after speaking with you, a program came on the nature channel & there were giraffes featured. I just sat & really stared at them, the way they move, their antics, and their amazing prints. I felt mesmerised by them.

Actually while you were doing the reading, I was sitting in the lounge, TV off so you had my complete attention, and yet by the end of it, I could literally see you sitting in the same room gauging my reactions to your words. I felt a very strong connection that at times made the hair on my arms stick up, it was so vivid. And some of the things you said were beyond accurate, it’s as if you lived certain parts of my life, and I was merely a spectator. I just wish there wasn’t so much space between us.

Well I’m sure you’re very busy, I just wanted to say thank you and I really did appreciate you taking the time talking with me, I think you’re an amazing person with such a beautiful, wonderful gift, thank you for sharing that with me.

Kaylene, Brisbane, Australia

Hello Laurie Anne
I want to tell you how important our meeting was for me today. It brings me a lot of comfort and reassurance knowing that I am on the right path. You helped to clarify several things for me in terms of separateness and ego. Thank you. I look forward to calling upon you again after I have had a chance to metabolize the information about my perception of depletion.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Warmest regards,

Leah Beth Levine

I am incredibly fortunate to have benefited from several of the modalities Laurie Anne uses such as Taraka (psychic reading), bio-tuning, color oracle and cranio-sacral work. I have found her to be absolutely phenomenal…I honestly cannot say enough! My personal transformations have been nothing short of monumental. And I have also been in wonderment watching several of my friends make significant personal shifts under Laurie Anne’s guiding hand. They too are in awe of her talents and giving, sincere, unconditional, compassionate and generous heart. I am very careful about who I recommend to my friends and she is the only therapist I would be willing to suggest. My sessions with her have been very profound. And I must warn you…this type of work is not for everyone…because you will change and become a more whole, integrated and functional person, if that is what you want.”

Barb Prazmowski, (Toronto, Canada)

I was immediately impressed with her ability to sense people individually and as a group. Reiki 1 was the start of my healing journey with Laurie Anne. I have since seen Laurie Anne regularly as a client for pretty much every modality she offers. I guess I just can’t get enough of her! I am deeply grateful for her kind, loving, compassionate, supportive, inspiring, and insightful, and caring presence. She has been there for me always, and especially in times of crisis. Laurie Anne saw who I really was and has had a major supporting role in my own realization of who I am! She is a column of light and the work she does is so important for all of our healing and realisation. ”

Alison Cohen, (Toronto, Canada)

Laurie Anne has had a profound influence on my personal and professional life. There is not a professional I trust more. She is a constant inspiration in her quest for more knowledge, her desire to provide more to here clients and her holding the clearest intent for giving the highest of herself at all times”

Dr. Lynne McRoberts, Network Practitioner, Doctor of Chiropractic, (Toronto, Canada)

I believe that Laurie Anne has incredible, intuitive healing gifts that are exemplified in her ability to move people through their healing journeys…”

Dr. Jason Hurd, Doctor of Chiropractic, (Toronto, Canada)

Laurie Anne will move from bowl to bowl, which will shift the energies and the feel of the room accordingly. The feeling, at least for me, was one of the comfort and sense of safety and that all will be taken care of… I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with someone like Laurie Anne, who knows how to work with them to bring out their beauty and power.”

Howard Lopez, (Toronto, Canada)

Laurie Anne’s efforts are very innovative, effective and well-researched…One of her specialities is her work with sound therapy. She has worked for me on numerous transformational healing weekends where she combines quartz crystal sounds with music and intonation. The effects have been very effective and dramatic for many of my patients. The sound work has translated into clinical improvements emotionally and physically”

Dr. Anthony Posa, Network Practitioner, Doctor of Chiropractic, (Toronto, Canada)

“… when I first met Laurie Anne, she has always struck me a very clear channel for Spirit. She is able to work with very high vibrational energy because of her strong focus on her own self-healing. Laurie Anne brings mastery, love and compassion to her work as she pursues her interests in different forms of vibrational energy. Lately, I have witnessed a quiet transformation – the blossoming of her own Spirit as she follows her own Path.”

Jacob Eapen, (Toronto, Canada)

I was referred to Laurie Anne at a time in my life when things seemed to be falling apart and I was feeling a great deal of confusion, and despair. Laurie Anne, through a Taraka (psychic reading) session was able to reach to the very core of the problem, and offer me the insight necessary to focus on where healing was needed. Her ability to read the situation was uncanny, and the experience of being seen in a quantum way was exactly what I needed. Immediately after the reading, I experienced a great release of anxiety, and a new surge of energy. Subsequent Oracles for both my daughter and myself have enriched our lives in a multitude of ways: Laurie Anne realised my 7-year olds passion for violin! Bio-tuning sessions have left me sleeping better, thinking more clearly and feeling more integrated in my body. Laurie Anne has been an invaluable resource for both my family and myself. I full-heartedly recommend her to you.”

Karen Kittle, (Toronto, Canada)

I Love working with Laurie Anne King, she’s amazing!

I’ve gone through a lot of healing work in so many different fields I couldn’t begin to name them all, so I have a lot of experience with healing work. They all have been beneficial in the growth process as all life is a growing experience. The unique thing about Laurie Anne’s work with Taraka (psychic reading), and me is that she is able to tap into a wealth of information that I myself am astonished at. She is able to take all sorts of aspects of my life and existence here on the planet and weave them together in such a miraculous and understandable way, that by the time I leave her place I am astounded by her ability to make sense of it all like she does, and so leave with a breath of relief in comprehending my ‘stuff’ so to speak.

“It doesn’t end there either, the reflections on the short times spent with her begin to unfold in a process that I cannot describe and the insights and learning and growth unfold for a long time afterward. I have to say that in the last couple of years and only seeing her twice has had monumental effects in my life. My heart and Spirit thanks you infinitely Laurie Anne!”

Deborah Cachia’Costa. Artist and Poet, (Toronto, Canada)

“Laurie Anne’s gifts are unmatched. Her special insight has really helped me connect more deeply with the stuck patterns in my body to what is going on in my life. Laurie Anne comes from a place of love and without judgment. This has empowered me in my healing journey to accept and trust the process I am going through. If you want to expand, grow and be at peace with yourself, I would highly recommend seeing Laurie Anne.”

Dr. Suzette Lue Chee Lip, Doctor of Chiropractic, (Toronto, Canada)

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