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My name is Laurie Anne King and I am a natural born full spectrum psychic medium, (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient). I have been at this craft now professionally for over 30 years. I am a 7th Dan Shihan of a Japanese Spiritual Art called Usui-do.  Although I recently retired my ‘therapists hands’ to focus on Portrait Photography, I have an extensive background in Alternative Health mainly focused on osteopathic, ‘somato-emotional’ CranioSacral therapy.

I am from Toronto and I currently reside in a remote, coastal rural area of North Tropical Queensland, Australia. I service all non-local clients through Skype or your land line or mobile phone.

Skype is super convenient unless of course you are looking for an excuse to fly down under! At the beginning of a Skype session I will turn on video to say hello! Once we are ready to start the session I turn the video feature off. My clients prefer this and like myself, find the absence of the distraction of staring at a computer monitor to lead to a deeper experience and self connection.


My Psychic Reading Style

  • A psychic mentoring style that is spiritual, but also strategic and practical
    • Sessions begin by candidly exposing where you are stuck (inhibited potential) and disconnected from yourself
    • Articulate dynamic qualities about yourself, your self-connection
    • Examine various directions and probable outcomes, your purpose and your spiritual gifts
    • Enquiring about other people is respectfully conducted through your connection. Beyond that level respectfully requires the express permission from the person you are enquiring about
  • Mediumship: Correspond with available loved ones who have passed over. (Validations, loving messages and proof of continuity of life)
  • All sessions are recorded in Mp3 and made available for download shortly after your session. I receive clients in person, via Skype or phone

My Psychic Skills:

Relevant Psychic Experience:

  • Served thousands of clients worldwide for over 30 years.
  • Have consistently maintained a loyal and growing clientele.
  • Voted Top Psychic in Toronto (Canada, Millennial Reader’s Poll Award/Now Publication)
  • A life long student and practitioner of: natural healing, metaphysical esoteric arts, and the Tao.
  • 7th Dan Shihan (Usui Do)  (1989 to present) www.usui-do.org
  • Alternative, multi-disciplinary Health-way practitioner mainly focused on CranioSacral therapy for the past 25 years. (Retired 2012)


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