Be unapologetically you. No one else could come close. 

If you are like me, you feel an inherent desire to be free (from a pattern, an experience, a person or place) or maybe you cannot language it right now but you still feel it. Reading this page tells me you already believe self healing and inner work is essential. However,  it is daunting at times.

I’ve felt stuck in the past too and like you, I struggled and experienced deep suffering. Getting stuck is really an opportunity to slow down and do some personal discovery work. I always say do what you can by yourself but recognise when you need guidance from a different perspective. God knows we all get tunnel visioned.

We can change anything about ourselves and our lives. We just can’t change others. We can however be a source of inspiration which can indirectly create change all around us.

Welcome, you curious cat! I am Laurie Anne King and I am a psychic medium on an adventurous mission to inspire personal connection and change through liberation! I would LOVE to take you with me! Do you want to restore balance and create a happy life? Say Yes! Let us get started!

A psychic reading should clearly steer and motivate you in the ‘right’ direction with squeaky clean, compelling, revealing and honest information about you and your life. Right? Simple!

We are in the midst of an unparalleled, sociological age of global change. Social consciousness is rapidly evolving like never before. It is a most exciting and sometimes overwhelming time to be alive!

“Freedom is self-knowledge.” Bruce Lee

Let’s get to work!

© 2017 Laurie Anne King

 Laurie Anne is not affiliated with any religious, philosophical or political organisations.